Few Questions about Looking Glass

I have a few questions about looking glass. The before having touched it / looking for a gpu (probably) type of questions.

  1. I always thought it copies the vram to the other cards vram. But I´ve read somewhere that it actually uses RAM. Depending on how that works out performance wise I´d prefer that, since it would allow me to more easiely use a “not so great” card for the host and have all the vram of my guest card useable. Also is that configurable? Meaning if I had enough vram can I make it use the vram of the card instead of ram? Or is that only applicable when using an igpu (since it was gonna use RAM regardless).
  2. If I use an AMD card for the guest, I could also still use gsync with looking glass if my host card is an nvidia, right? Might come to that depending on how Navi turns out to be. Might also be better since they don´t restrict virtualization as Nvidia do. So I won´t have to workaround artificial limitations NVIDIA put in place. Kinda s*cks to be softlocked into one brand by the monitor choice.

It´s still gonna take some time till I decide if I even wanna try that to begin with. I´m like eventually-probably-maybe-kinda wanna do it type of decided.

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