Fedora 26 - Last shutdown/crash logs?

Hi all -

I’m experiencing a strange issue on my Threadripper box that started out as a weird power-on issue (that I haven’t seen since).

Having just started the box, I’m SSHed in and it’s idling. After a duration (I haven’t been able to measure this), the box seems to turn off.

I’ve looked at dmesg, journalctl -b but I just can’t seem to find any logs of the previous crash/shutdown.

Thoughts? CC @wendell

journalctl --boot=1 gets me the last log, and that’s a good while ago when I did a clean shutdown… hmm!!

If it’s a sudden hard shutdown chances are there’s not gonna be any logs anywhere I think… what if you make a script having dmesg write (overwrite) say the last 20 lines to a file every second? Manual logging you know.

Yeah, I’ll try that. I should also check default Power config in Fedora (UI). Been running headless all this time.

Nothing out of the ordinary there…

I found info on my memory related crash in /var/log/kern.log on Debian and I imagine fedora uses syslogd as well maybe. Worth a look

Also y u no dark theme?

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Honestly - not had much time on the UI side. Been doing stuff mostly over SSH. Waiting on grabbing a 4K IPS display for the Threadripper box…

There’s no /var/log/kern.log – everything is tracked by journalctl

journalctl --list-boots

to get a specific boot, specify thwe ID of the boot from the list you got

journalctl --boot=-1

to get just error specify the log level

journalctl --boot=-1 -p err

or for example to get log levels 1 - 4

journalctl --boot=-1 -p 1..4

specify -x to add explinations where it can, specify -r for reverse order



w00t, figured it out!

Earlier today, I had loaded the it87 module to check my CPU temp – this seems to be rather unstable.

After all, the module is loaded with modprobe it87 ignore_resource_conflict=1. Seems I’m not alone in this.

Glad to at least figure out the potential cause…

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