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FCC caught red-handed

I saw this thread on Reddit:

And it leads to this beautiful comment:


Apparently, The Washington Post is now also investigating this. Hopefully others will follow.


The Washington Post can't be trusted so I really don't care what they will have to say.


You are not supposed to trust media of any kind. You are supposed to read multiple sources and think for yourself.


You are supposed to not trust mainstream media that is for sure. Also in regards to listening to or reading multiple sources and thinking for yourself I agree that works but right now I only need one source for local and one source for world politics as I get the truth there.

Well, that seems to be very convenient, doesn't it?


Yes it is.

Great job guys. Now stop missing the point and focus on the issue at hand.


Honestly u/MNGrrl Is a bit of reddit legend/hero, the comments and posts she's previously made are quite something. And I have reasons to believe her :wink:

But honestly I can't recall the last time I saw a comment with 40x reddit gold.

The last and only post I have seen and I think it was 43 gold? Was a roast me

You baboons need to learn to follow individual writers, NOT wholesale outlets. There are plenty of good writers that work for mainstream media and ignoring them because of the bad under the same brand is shortchanging yourself.

Vigilance and due diligence are the price of sourcing quality information.

I've said it so many times, but I apparently need to keep saying it:



Don't call me a ****ing baboon. Also I do know what objective journalism is and it sure as hell doesn't come from the Washington Post.

You IRL at this very moment:


Me in real life right now ...

I am going to eat supper and watch something on YouTube and ignore your bs and then get to some gaming afterwards. Have a nice evening.

Come on pal, it's just some lighthearted teasing.

I'm sorry people you disagree with are fake news to you, there's no need to be so defensive


So - does this finally mean the internet is going to run faster so I can sit at home on my ass and watch Netflix and TV shows about fat people traveling to multiple restaurants around the world and eating food?

Because if that's the case, my vote is for faster internet.

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60 gold now

Fuck that's delicious in 4k -- streaming.

We need to realize the dream

Time to lay our own cables; with blackjack and hookers.


It's not going to run faster. This is just "fake news" /s

They'll just make up some bullshit that the general public will swallow because they're fucking morons. And the companies will get to do what they want. At least until the next election cycle which I predict the Republicans will lose BIG TIME.

What makes me sad is what will happen when the Democrats win. Because they aren't any better. They're just the opposite extreme. Soon enough using the wrong gender pro-noun online will get you a jail sentence etc.