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Fallout 76 won't be on Steam, going to use Bethesda's own launcher

Among the slew of news that came out of quakecon this weekend like private servers and mods being a thing I’ve come across this. Personally I’m not bothered immediately as the game isn’t out yet and there is time for things to change but without Workshop, modding will be slightly more difficult. Hopefully no paid mods 2.0™ and Nexus will continue to be an option.

Anyone else have thoughts on everything discussed this weekend? open invitation to discuss anything announced about fo76 during quakecon

even with all the moaning about it not being proper Fallout and my own complete and utter fatigue of dealing with people in video games, I’m looking forward to it. Not to turn this into a debate, but I’m fairly sure it’s not going to be Day Z in terms of bad, and Fallout is literally my only real fanboy IP so I’m probably going to be in there. People are apprehensive and I get it, I am too. But I also bought Overwatch and haven’t played that since about +2 months after launch. Did I waste my money? Yes. Was it a crippling loss of funds? No. So I’m going to try this and worse case I’m out $50.

Strictly on topic: in my experience with bethsoft games from Oblivion on, a LOT of the mods I picked up were usually bug fixes, or fixes to silly shit that should’ve been ironed out beforehand. Due to the game’s nature and the fact BTH cannot use the “well-p, peeps be moddin’, so we can’t be sure of what to fix” excuse due to the fact we’re all going to be playing the same game in a vanilla state, do you think they’ll magically start fixing bugs now that they can’t just rely on the modding community to fix everything?


I enjoyed their discussion on how to handle griefers. I think the “Wanted Murderer” mechanic will work nicely. I also found it hilarious that they asked QA to be “as big of assholes as you can” to test griefing other players.

The turrets aimed at people leaving the vault at level 2 was particularly lul worthy.

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I saw that. Prolly won’t buy it.


Sweet another series I won’t have to spend money on anymore.


I’m not bothered by the move. This doesn’t mean Bethesda is not going to release anything new to Steam. I’m kind of interested in the game but want to wait for reviews and see how it does after release.

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whew, dodged a bullet there. Imagine if they launched their own store front with a franchise that’s had a good game more recently than 20 years ago


I’m actually amped for Fallout 76. So long as i can do friends only multiplayer (and apparently you can), i can’t wait to have a persistent world in the fallout universe to explore with my friends.

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buy monster hunter now and save yourself the regret fam

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I play ESO on Steam and it’s a mess. Up until Summerset it was fine… then shit the fan, routinely for weeks. Steam client couldn’t log in, minimum outage was 5 hours. Have no idea if it’s Bethesda or Steam but based on lack of communication and the spaghetti ESO code (code n pray is not just a phrase, it’s a lifestyle) I’d say it was more of an issue with Bethesda. I wonder what their spaghetti coders will say when their own launcher doesn’t work.

I didn’t want to get it anyway.

Only way this online thing will work out is if there is no DRM and you can do whatever you want with the game

Then ragarding that Steam workshop, only ordinary humans need that place and its not like its striving that stuff to be better like Nexus has been doing

BUT, I dont understand Fallout, I dont understand its fans, only relatable thing is that engine its working on and it’ll foreshadow if there will be another Skyrim or not

To me it doesn’t seem all that different than Bethesda going the way of Origin or Uplay or any of the launchers for various other MMOs.

Lost in this whole mess is that Steam wasn’t immediately accepted as the glorious savior of PC gaming, we’ve just been conditioned to think so and we’re no better than apple enthusiasts in that regard.

The same outcry happened with Origin and now it isn’t half bad, of course these platforms are designed to squeeze us of our shekels so it’s no wonder Bethesda doesn’t want steam to have a cut for doing nothing.

Don’t know how I feel about it the game itself at this point so I’ll wait.


If it behaves like a standalone I’m okay with this. If I need another app in addition to the game I’m gonna be pretty irritated

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I was already adamant that i was going to skip this title, considering it was going to be multiplayer only which i personally despise, this was the final blow.
Well, guess i’ll stand around and wait for Fallout 5…

you’re right, it’s all bad

that said steam isn’t great either, GOG tends to be my first choice


I am looking forward to the reviews. But my hopes for this game arent that high because bethesda and netcode… 2 things that never went well together…

Doesn’t look anything like fallout?

yeah, that’s a huge plus last i checked