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Fallout 76 Anounced


fallout 4 being so shitty is still fresh in my mind. probably not going to buy 76 on principal.


Why would they even bother, there were better elder scrolls games.


Because muh skyrim…
Why did they remastered Skyrim out of all games? Why not the most beloved game of the series - Morowind? Because Skyrim is recognizable name. Not that it needs help running, like Fallout 3 does, not that it’s outdated visually, like Morowind. No. It’s easy work with name recognition.
Nobody cares it’s stupid. People still defend the remaster to this day. I will not be surprised if they just released Skyrim 2.


It’s a joke. Poking fun at the people who don’t realize TES is a series and not just Skyrim.


Yeah your right. Instead of;

It should more have been;


You are talking to Bethesda. Oh look, MMOs are popular. Let’s jump in. Look, Card games are popular. Let’s jump in… Oh look at that pubg thing… Let’s make a 24 hours pointless stream where 150k people will become victims of a shit practical joke and release pointless trailer at the end, that makes it absolutely not worth the wait, and anger anyone with half a brain…
Yeah, that is Bethesda today. It’s sad testament to how much I love management game, that I skipped mentioning the mobile game… Let’s make one… It turned out good…


I lost all interest in new Bethesda games after New Vegas. And even at that I was never a fan of the company, just they stories and settings. Recently it has all been bland and boring games, if you can really call them that, more just an incredibly old engine clinging to life unable to see the outside world and its advancements through the layers of tape holding it together for another 12 seconds with some basic sandbox to mod to your own purposes.

Okay i will stop. I don’t have much hope for what ever 76 is, but I will take a look at what ever it is when it comes out.


My hopes that this won’t be a pile of crap are very low right now too…

Unable to get hyped.


Let’s be honest: no one who can afford to sit on their ass and “watch” an empty stream is a victim of anything but their own choices.



fallout 76 from what i have seen it will look decent play like crap and fail to hit any good notes of a fallout game. and manage to burn most of the player bases good will with the fallout universe.


Didn’t Fallout 4 do that already?


it did it for me but i know a lot of people that loved the middle finger that fallout4 was.


With how bad their engine is, I don’t care if it contains co-op or not. Skyrim was fun back in 2011 because the quality of the engine was considered standard (if not sub standard) but then Fallout 4 came out, recycling the same broken ass engine in 2015 and people still jumped on the hype train.

Fuck that piece of shit un-optimized crap. Bethesda isn’t going to get a single penny out of me until they bring their tech up to date and I bet my ass on the fact that they’ll be using it again for Fallout 76.

People will still buy it though.


Some people said to me “I spent so much time building and crafting…” to which I can only answer “I did that in Minecraft 10 years ago”… So now it’s going to be just a post nuclear Ark…?


They made ESO after Skyrim, so now it’s time for Fallout Online. I hope it flops, and they get back to single player RPGs.

So…do we know if this is going to be an MMO or some sort of co-op LAN game? If it’s an MMO, I have zero interest. Co-op might be interesting, but base building has no appeal to me either.


player driven base building = less dev time = less money invested= more profit= pissed off player base


Just add Loot Crates


Because that made miracles for Shadow of War and Battlefront 2…


And don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the game will not live up to the hype, but I fully expect to pay full price on launch day :slight_smile: