Fallout 4 Hardware posting thread

Hoping that people who own fallout 4 will post their hardware and we'll see more than 5820K's paired with 980 ti's. Someone might post and say "I want a machine for fallout for for 550 USD" or something so there might as well be a reference for the future.

While I do not own 4, a friend for whom I helped build their desktop does and I was surprised that it even ran. With some tweaking and fiddling it might run better, but here are his over all specs that matter:

FX-6300 - 8 GB DDR3 1600 - XFX R7 250 (non X)

The rest of the parts I don't remember off the top of my head but he was at a solid 48 FPS on low settings with anti-aliasing at 2. He was also playing at 1080 so he could boop down to a lower res and get better results but oh well.

-Intel i5 6600k(OC'd to 4.4Ghz)
-Asus Z170A Mobo
-Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
-16gb(8x2) Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400Mhz RAM(OC'd to 2666Mhz)
-Sapphire R9 390 Nitro GPU(OC'd to 1075/1700)
-Corsair RM750i PSU
-Samsung 850 EVO 250gb SSD
-Windows 10

Currently running Fallout 4 on Ultra settings at 4k. I have forced tessellation to only 16x(in CCC running the latest beta drivers), AA to FAA(Low), anisotropic filtering at 16 samples and Godrays to medium. With that setup I'm getting 35-40fps. Turning AA off, anisotropic filtering to 8 samples, Godrays to low and tessellation to 8x results in the game running at 40-45fps.

I messed with 1440p as well. Getting 80-90fps(with the 60fps cap disabled) with the same settings. While you can tell some difference in the framerates between 1440 and 4k(losing half the frames at 4k), since it isn't a twitchy shooter there really is no harm in running around 40.

The game(at least so far, I'm a wanderer and try to do a lot of everything...so I'm like 9-10 hours in, but only messing around in Lexington now), has had very little frame droppage. I've seen it at 33fps a few times, but not yet below 30.

If I leave all settings at Ultra with max tessellation (64x), full AA and full anisotropic filtering it runs around 20-23fps.

i5 Haswell 4670k @ 3.4
EVGA GTX780 (6GB buffer)
Asus z97 ITX mobo
Running on a 7200 RPM Hitachi HDD

I play the game at 1080p, get a comfortable 60FPS with most settings maxed out.
Anisotropic at x16
max texture
max shadow quality
high shadow distance
high decal
max lighting
high godrays
and NO GODDAMN MOTION BLUR (because fuck that shit)
view distances are set to max, expect for item fade which is set to 90%
Distant Object detail: high
Object detail fade: high

**While it is possible for me to up these settings just a bit more, I noticed a few frames dips (very minor ones), so to help me reach a more stable and comfortable 60 is the reason why I lowered a few of these options.

i7-4790k @4.5
16gb ram

I'm playing on my 2560x1080 ultra wide with the FOV in the ini file cranked up and all settings maxed. The only time I've seen it drop below 60 was walking into Lexington.

i7 4770K 3900mhz
16gb G Skill Sniper 1866mhz,
MSI GD-65 Gaming Motherboard,
MSI R9 290x Gaming,
Coolermaster Silentpro silver 1000w PSU,
Corsair Force 3 SSD 120GB,
Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD,
Be Quiet Dark rock 3 Air CPU Cooler,
Corsair AIR 540 Chassis

All ultra
Godrays Ultra

always above 60fps (I did not modify the .ini to remove the fps cap)

I will try the game this afternoon on my livingroom PC and update the results here, specs are:

AMD phenom 2 x6
8gb kingston fury x 1600mhz
AMD Radeon HD 7770 1gb
500w thermaltake pwr supply
NZXT H440 chassis

i7 4790k
evga 960 2gb
16gb ram 1600
Asus z97i plus
600w sfx psu
1tb ssd crucual bx

I'm running 1080p at ultra and haven't noticed any bugs or issues yet. Smooth no tearing(so probably locked at 60) Haven't got too far so maybe something will crop up.

With your specs you will defiantly want to tune it but should at least manage low.

I7 4790k
16 gb ddr3 1600
On an wd black7200 at 1680*1050
Playing at ultra settings

i5 4690k
ASUS Z97 Sabertooth Mark 2
Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming
8 GB DDR3 1866

I am running the game on mostly ultra settings @ 2560x1080 with Godrays and Shadow Distance on medium and object detail on high.

i7 4790K, 16GB DDR3 2400Mhz, 2x GTX970 OC (around 1500-ish), 840 EVO at 4k on ultra, without AA, between 30-50 fps (i use MSI Afterburner). Will appreciate a nice graphic setting guide, or some sort, i didn't notice a big difference in fps between medium and ultra, that's weird. I didn't find any useful advices in this matter. Gameplay is stable and bugless so far, but i would like to tune it a little bit to get moar fps, without impacting the appearance much. So the basic question is: which settings should i turn down to gain a significant amout of fps? Or maybe the Nvidia control panel?

i5 4690 16gbs ddr3 1866 and a R9 290 performance is all over the place depends on the area some areas drop to %2 gpu useage and give 60fps some area's drop to 30-45fps for no reason.
1920x1080 ultra (stupid blur and teslathon rays are off)

- i7 3770k [z77]
- 16GB DDR3 1600
- 2x Mushkin 240GB [RAID_0]
- 2x290x MSI Lightning OC [[email protected]]
- Enermax 850W Plat
- Windows 10, Windows 7 [better framerates +10FPS, less smooth dips occasionally -30-40FPS]

Fallout 4
- 1080p [~120+FPS], 1440p [~85FPS]
- Ultra [Maxed]

Catalyst Settings [Small hit on FPS]
- Enhanced AA
- Adaptive MultiSampling
- Edge Detect
- Morpohological Filter
- Application settings 'tessellation'
- CrossFire Disabled [AFR Friendly gives stable 144FPS, but odd graphical glitches -- gameworks going crazy]

Noticed occasional better fps, restart game crappy locked down fps, restart again good fps... glitches glitches.

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i7 5930K
Sapphire Fury Tri-X OC x 2 w/ additional unlocked shaders via bios flash
16gb DDR4 2400
AMH A399U 4K

I'm using mostly ultra setting. I had a few dips down to 30 fps so I switched the AA to FXAA and adjusted the godrays and shadow distance to medium. I also set CCC to override tessellation at x16 and adaptive multisampling on. It runs at 60 fps mostly with a few minor dips into the 40's here and there. I've also noticed some minor stuttering but I hope that gets smoothed out with AMD's next driver release with a game specific crossfire profile. I haven't noticed any problems with crossfire other than the stutter and some flickering on the perks screen. I can't imagine that I would be getting 60 fps @ 4k w/o crossfire. I also made some of the .ini tweaks, adjusted FOV to 110 for 1st person and 90 for 3rd person and removed mouse acceleration.

i7 4790k stock
8GB 1600Mhz
840 evo
EVGA GTX 980 OC to 1378mhz with +18 on the voltage

Game is set to ultra at 1920x1080p I have altered no ini's. I have not made it to a major city yet. but so far game has never dropped below 58 fps majority of the time it runs at 60-61 fps.

980ti 1400mhz
i5 4690k 4.75ghz

60 fps at all times everything maxed 1080p

Althon 750k 4.0Ghz
GTX 650ti 960Mhz
6Gigs of RAM
Even with my poor specs for the time I'm able to play with a mix of medium and high settings at a comfortable 40-60 FPS. Never seen it drop below 40. Though I am playing on a dated monitor with a res of 1440x900. I am pretty happy with it overall. Also, what is this tessellation everyone is talking about, and how do I lower it? I want more constant frames, as that's really all that's not going well.

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Casio watch(over clocked by 10 minutes)
Potato(baked for 20 minutes)
Direct mayonnaise cooling setup

Game is currently unplayable :(


i5 4460
R9 390
16 gigs of ram

i get 60 fps at 1200p after lowering tesselation, god rays, and shadows.

I wouldn't worry about the tessellation unless you have a amd gpu. Just nvida has a big advantage with tessellation so when a developer uses heavily AMD users get out their pitchforks and assume its nvidia fault.

Personally i like the heavier tessellation effects.

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i7 6700K

TITAN-X (evga).



Samsung 950 PRO -Series 512GB PCIe NVMe

Playing on a Sharp Aquos 1440p Max settings possible in options motion blur on.

Since it's a titan I guess x I won't bother to get into detail beyond that it looks and plays flawlessly.

I think in a few weeks when I am stuck on my work machine (a8 7600/270x 8gb) I will do a more in depth report regarding performance.

God I can't wait till AMD finally releases Zen.

Zen? You have a 6700k?!