Failed to start Create System Users with PXE boot

Hopefully this will be the last time I end up stuck on this project -_-. I’m trying to PXE boot a raspberry pi running Raspberry Pi OS Lite following Wendell’s guide here:

It’s booting mostly as expected; I can get all the way to login. The big problem I’m having is that the boot process is failing to start the “Create System Users” service as it boots. This means that I have no access to try and diagnose anything. I’ve tried adding init=/bin/sh to my cmdline.txt file and booting into the shell that way, but I can’t do anything because there’s no users configured. If I type “su” for example, it spits out “Authentication failure”. I’ve found some fixes online, such as running grpck and remounting my root filesystem but I can’t do any of that without root permissions.

Anyone got any ideas how I can fix this? It seems to be a problem specific to the PXE boot process since everything boots fine from SD card. I do have full access to all the files which are on my NAS if there’s anything that can be edited in there.