EVGA Classified SR-2 [Discussion]

It has a lot of components that need cooling. Overclocking stresses most of these components. I had setup a fair amount of active airflow to key areas, such as over the sockets and over the PCI-E. Keep it well cooled and don't push the limits too hard. Should be fine.

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Also you need to understand that this board is MASSIVE.

That X79 Sabertooth is EATX.

Very true, there will be some difficulties finding a newer case for it but for last resort the 900D will suffice, or mabye some of the bigger phanteks may work, can probably mod one.

Here's a selection of HPTX compatible chassis. That doesn't include the chassis made by Caselabs, LD Cooling, or Mountain Mods.

Thanks, it's between Lian-Li, CaseLabs and some other things :D

I'm a idiot, just saw that the X5698 is just a dual core with HT, thought it was a 6 core because it came after the X5690 in name. That cpu is really not worth it then :D

Except they are probably the only Westmere CPUs capable of 5GHz on air. Two of them would make a beast of a quad-core machine.

That may be true and would be fun to try, but it seems to be really hard to find them on there own, I just find them on Ebay in 1k$ HP PCs, but you do getsome other nice things from them, like 512gb SSDs and such :D

Would it be better to watercool the motherboard or go with a lot of air cooling? Maybe the blocks are more scarce than the motherboard itself?

I just used AIOs. A pair of H100s did fine, don't even need the backplates since the Corsair lugs fit fine.

As for the rest of the board, the custom blocks aren't easy to get anymore and honestly some directed airflow goes a long way in keeping the board cool.

That seems fine, I just asked because a lot say that the fan is aids and doesn't cool anything.

random eBay find, not quite what you were looking for but a damn nice deal on dual quad core Xeons and a realllllyyyy nice dual LGA 1366 Supermicro board

Probably doesnt have overclocking but still is very well priced

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that is a very nice deal indeed, would make a awesome home server, may draw a little bit much for 24/7 operation though, but you get my drift :D

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There's a new listing on Ebay of a SR-2

I'd rather buy the board alone

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