SR 2 Motherboard Evga recommendation


I have a chance to buy used SR2 for very very cheap - think 100USD. I already have two x5675 laying around and some ecc ram.
I have couple of questions about this board.

  1. RAM - specs says 48 gb ram. I have 8 x 8 and I see that board has 12 slots. Will they work?
  2. vt-d and vt-x. I want to run multiple operating systems on that with PCI-e pass-through. I cannot find it on the internet if this board/bios/cpu combo with work with that …

ps: i do have a case, coolers and PSU for that :slight_smile: I am just thinking about that board and sata3 and usb3 :slight_smile: boards that i have - supermicro or tyan - don’t have that :expressionless:

Thank you and have a nice day.

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