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Eric S. Raymond Banned from OSI - there is a war going on

Eric S. Raymond has been banned from the Open Source Initiative mailing lists for wrong-think and has written this very important blog post about the war we face in free/open source communities.

Eric S. Raymond: The Right To Be Rude

[License-discuss] Ethical open source licensing - Dual Licensing for Justice



It’s back.

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yup :slight_smile:

Bruce Perens’ resignation was my canary in the coal mine…


I was just thinking this is no revelation.

Sadly, the PC cancer is metastasizing.


Creating an organisation to pander to corporations by avoiding the “money hostile” attitude of the FSF and then being surprised corporations do what they do best, which is safeguard their own interests at all costs…?


Creating an organisation to pander to corporations

I think that’s actually a bigger problem than the people with a political agenda.

It’s even mentioned in Gil’s reply:

Given the public nature of open source conversations, the
expectations we have to participate in professional discourse

Open Source and Free Software communities weren’t workplaces when they started. They were small, informal social groups like LUGs. There was no requirement to be professional.

The requirement to “be professional” is far more burdensome than “be respectful and courteous”.


Archive links. @veraximus

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IDK, my idea of “professional” is different from yours and others, probably.

I have worked almost entirely at startups where it’s totally okay to say things like “stop being a nutcase” or “you daft cunt” in a meeting with C levels.

Either way, I think the idea that we should censor our language in the name of feelings is horrible and authoritarian.

My right to free speech will always trump your right to not be offended because that’s the only way to have an open discussion. If you are offended though, you’re welcome to say so.

I’ll leave you with the eternal words of George Carlin:

Political Correctness is Fascism pretending to be manners.


Holy crap this is real and I had no idea until recently


The thing is: everyone is 100% okay with it.

Like, actually okay with it, not just “I don’t want to spoil the fun”

It’s not until the Karens join the HR team that we get the whole "business etiquette thing.


I have worked almost entirely at startups where it’s totally okay to say things like “stop being a nutcase” or “you daft cunt” in a meeting with C levels.

I have too, and I agree with your positions…

But I’ve also been pulled aside for things that were perfectly acceptable until a customer complained. That’s my litmus test. Not what your workplace allows, but what your workplace considers acceptable in front of customers.

For transparent organizations like open souce projects, every bug report and post mortem is potentially customer-facing.


I think it’s two sets of manners. How do you want your customers to see you, and how do you most effectively get things done internally.

Right, but ESR wasn’t really offensive. What’d he do, call the OP of the change request a loony toon political agent or something.

At the very least, the political agent part is correct.

This whole proposal is firmly against the ideals of Free Software. I don’t know why it wasn’t just shut down immediately.

If you can’t tell someone to fuck off then I don’t want to be involved with linux anymore.


You’re welcome over at the TempleOS Heritage Foundation.


Distrotube did a video about it. I haven’t seen it yet, but it’s probably relevant:


I’m even more welcome over in Icaros and Amiga

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No you’re not.

They’ll just tell you to fuck off.

But that’s what you wanted.


Yo this is the same shit as the code of conduct this is literally the end of linux fuck this garbage get rid of them before they burn it down to the ground

is what I got from that video

But I’m not going to disagree either

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