Double GTX 950 or one GTX 970

Hi all!

I'm fearly poor now (19 years old) and would need an upgrade to my gtx 750.. I have good knowledge about pc's, but I have no idea about SLI, therefore my question:

Is it worth to have a double SLI GTX 950 or save money and buy one GTX 970?

Greetings from Germany :)


A single GTX 970 woudl definately be the better option, but if money is tight and it would be a long while before you could stretch to that buying a 950 now might be a worthy upgrade.

As you are in the EU are selling MSI GTX 770 lightnings for £130 / €175. This was the fastest GTX 770 and was as good as a GTX 780 in many games.

Also what CPU do you have and what resuolution do you play at?

A 390 would be a bit better card to get, and it costs a dollar more on the german part picker, more VRAM, potentially better DX12 support, and more performance overall

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I have the Intel i5 - 4670K (3,40GHz), my resolution is 1920 x 1080.

Is AMD worth it? I mean, little things like the Geforce Experience tool are pretty useful.

I think AMD has comparable software. It is definitly worth looking at the market and benchmarks to see what gives you the best bang for your buck. You are still better to get a single good card over two smaller ones. SLI doesn't always scale well. Some games aren't programmed for it and will only use the first card. AMD is good if VRAM is something you may need.

I second the 390. nVidia are horrible as a company, great cards, bad practices. And things like the geforce experience only get in the way for most people, software stepping in and changing things for you. It only enables lazyness at best.

390 is possibly cheaper if only by a very small amount if at all but is more powerful and has more vram which will age better.

GTX970 is basicly a good choice.
I personaly not realy a big fan of dual gpu setups, ofc in games which are decently optimized for sli / crossfire, it will be good.
But there are also games which will be a pain in the ass.
I would personaly recommend a beter more highend single gpu, over a sli lowerend cards for that matter.

GTX970 will definitely be a decent choice, especialy for 1080p gaming.
The R9-390 is ofc also a realy good choice, these two particular cards go head to head, depends a bit from game to game.
Some games run better on the Nvidia cards, other games perform better on the AMD cards.
In the end, you will have a good experiance with both a GTX970 and a 390 in your case.

So i would say, pick whatever you feel the most comfortable with.

It is... People's ignorance about AMD boggles my mind...
AMD have every software solution Nvidia have with the PhysX being the only exception. I believe Raptr was the name of the software, equivalent to GFXP...

lol, so SLI a 3.5 gb card or SLI 2 poor man cards... just get a r9 390 or save the money for a 980

You mean money for a fury, or get the water cooled 390x and OC the shit out of it, or just a 980ti for the best of the best

I guess we'll know more when Deus Ex comes out though, dunno of any other DX12 games coming out soon.

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hey, quick question, do AMD have an alternative for the Dynamic super resolution?

yes VSR

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Cool, thanks

980 still better overall than the fury I swear?

Both the GTX970 and R9-390 will be great choices for 1080p.
All the hype and nonsense about Nvidia being crap, or AMD sucks yada yada,
totaly add´s ZERO value to this topic.

According to logan's review it's on the side of the Fury a bit more, since you gotta OC the 980 to keep up with it

But it is indeed rather true that nvidia does not support FOSS stuff where it can, they like to keep their walled garden nice and high.


All that matters is that Topic starter buys a gpu which he will feel the most comfortable with.
Both the GTX970 andf 390 go head to head, like i said above.
It just depends from game to game, some games run better on Nvidia, other favour AMD.
In the end he will have a great experiance with either card.

Big thanks for you :D Helped me a lot!

R9 fury can be unlocked, 3840 shaders is expected, 4096 is unusual (full fury x)
As far as I can tell Logan didn't OC memory, and that's where most of the perf gains are.
440mm2 of GCN 1.1 on water wont beat 600m2 of GCN 1.2 no matter what you do more or less. R9 fury strix with 60 out of 64 CUs with a mild overclock, no voltage tweaks so it runs as cool as stock does.

AMDshill disabled.

Always go with single card if the price and performance is within 25% range, that vram and memory bandwidth is going to turn around and bite you in the ass after a while.