DOOM MOTHER F'ers DOOM do it. see it all in its glory gut flinging shit spewing. thank you GOD.

I'm confused


not to be that guy...

but this is Halo, not sure where you got doom from...


I think the OP had a brain aneurysm...


K. I'm in love with this game. why. the replay value. I want to find every hidden thing. they got that shit , addictive. The bad. I'm not going to cry about that old game except, okay I'll cry about the old game. I FUCKING LOVED what they did with the audio. except you always know when shit is going to hit the fan.. the music. takes away from the shock and awe. when music bumps up and you see the thing you need to rip a thing out..
loves the scream when you do but it's just too.. yep, here we go.They could'v changed that shit up ..make you paranoid if nothing happens. till you go to the next room CAUSE YOU OPENED A DOOR TO HELL. lol.

It was the lack of suprizes when going for the hidden rooms. that shit should have had a jump scare. the game overall was, is intense. they missed on oppertunities to jump scare the shit out of players. Like the old game, sorry. Pull this lever or push a switch. You didn't hear nothing, or you was that?.. but something opened, something else somewhere happened. I can totally say.. no spoiler alert.. WTF with that ending ID? Yes the original DOOM ending sucked too! SO.. get it together for the next DOOM II , I do look forward to it. My opine. Best FPS of the last few years, bar none. Happy to say ..Please scare the shit out of me cause you're on the right track

I see what you did there

Great campy movie.. Stoners horror. todays bad coffee

Just living up to the name

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Just got it yesterday and I played for 8 hours. I never do that.

DOOM is the ass-kickin'est game ever. I love the way it was no BS, wake up and start killing. I like how there are waves of lots of enemies but they get harder as one progresses. I enjoy how it put a premium on using the pistol to wound the Devil Demons from Mars ™, just enough so I can Execute them to save ammo and increase the gore.

My only problem is there is a lot of the usual, find the door, find the key, then backtrack to open the door. My other issue is, I try not to use the map in games, I like to wander, explore and find my way. Thus sometimes I get lost with no fighting for a few minutes.

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I thought after watching all the pre roll multi player stuff..the game is DOOMED. NO, as it turens out. we have a FIRST personshooter made for a single player first. Yes, it needs tweeks, yes, open this shit, and I mean open it wide open to the modding communtity. not you controlled sense of.. we lets you do this through our editor.. not good enough for the DOOM community brahz. OPEN the GATES TO HELL. and you will have a game that will live for the next ten years, while you introduce. DOOM II.
My bitch is that they hurt the multi payers. Yup, they hurt them. this shit was rushed. It should have been much larger, more open spaced.. giving way to the tactical in us rampage types..

What I wish for.

  1. larger open spaces for teams
  2. YOu're not going to just fight against each other, you may have to alien as enemies once, but now.. I want all the Doomm hell charactors involved.. trying to kill all teams. it's hell. they don't care about who gets what flag. they just want to kill you. So you and team opposing, may have to fight together to win the prize. and that should be the biggest bonus points, given said match. doesn't mean all is rosey and sweet... this is DOOM.

My enemy of my enemy is my friend..until he/she is my enemy.

  1. make more use of jump scares.. this F'n game deserves it!

yeah that one jump scare early in the game when you pick up a door key was pretty cool!

i did get oen other scare when i cyber demon suddenly showed up after i thought i cleared the level and cornered me in a cave

haha i glitched through the floor and got to the end of the level

Happened to me also.
I get a glitch in the menu where my mouse will disappear and I have to mash keys for a few seconds before I regain control. It has crashed 2 times in 18 hours without any patch yet. Still enjoying DOOM.

ya, so far only crashed about 5 times for me. still loving it, playing that level i glitched complete again haha

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4th of July here this weekend. Glad I don't has anyone telling me what books I can read, or what games I can play. When they try to do that, as idiots so often do here in our Gov. 1776 Motherfuckers. 1776

There's no way Master Chief domn't like them teets!

I can honestly say I do not like the new doom. I was hoping for a DOOM game not BULLETSTORM

dude. how long has we waited? how long? and now they is getting ready to feeds us new stuffs. and and and. the masters are on board now to. the creators. Clue. no one took this new version seriously. Clue. Now that they have, everyone, all studios are going to try to copy next near. Good for us gamers. Yeah, many will such ball juice. Just do me a favor, all of you. Pitch in, not as trolls, but lovers of FPS and drop them a line. Tell them you love it but want more!!! maybe, just maybe... someone will listen

We got this.. I'm out of splurt! I, for one muthafucker am saying... thanks to a studio trying. TRYING to get it on my brothers~

ummm.. and all my gaming sisters too. there where next to zero, capt of few of my girlfriends friends playing DOOM back when.. oh, no, lordie.. there where girls playing games back that long ago... why are we not all dead.
Yep.. my fist Game Den was Doom. Me and three great girls. Then Came Quake, and the Tournaments.. it's good to get your ass kick by girls you loved.. and always will.

@LooseNeutral are you high?

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