Don't neglect the SSD

This thread is a little multi purpose, so I'm do this list style.

  1. I prioritise having a SSD in a build for the OS and utilities. I would literally advise someone to skimp out on something else if they had to in order to have a SSD and everyone who's used one knows why. Do you agree?

  2. Where are SSDs headed? Bigger and cheaper I assume. But how long till I get my first 1TB SSD for games for just ~$70, like a HDD. Do we have a roadmap?

  3. How is the long term stability of SSDs these days?

  4. I'm in need of a >/= 250GB SSD. Suggestions on when to get it? Black Friday? What brand to look for the best deal?

  5. Lol those poor, stupid Mac users... Last time I checked Apple still isn't selling desktops with SSDs. It's painful that for $1000 i built a desktop that's kicks the ass of every computer on my campus in every way. Except the server, that doesn't count. And those Macs in my uni's art lab cost thousands of students' tuition dollars. Stupid waste of money... The things boot slower and process slower than Congress members without coffee.

  6. Post your boot times! Mine is 20 seconds for the BIOS (doesn't count of course because it waits for you in case you want to access the BIOS) and 40 seconds to load the OS, me to log in, and then all my programs set to start on login to kick in. Desktop is responsive almost immediately after login, 2 second delay at the very most.

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  1. Agreed
  2. Fucking the sky is the limit. I believe we should see the size and $$$ of SSD's that you're describing in ~2 more years.
  3. SSD's are the M1 Abram Tanks.
  4. Crucial, intel, or the Samsung Evo are usually go for really good deals.
  5. From cold boot to login page is ~8 seconds.

Wait, wait, wait... Dildos are good. Why would you compare them to Macs?

And 8 seconds??? How? Have you somehow bypassed the Windows splash screen and all that BS that ran my start up time to 40 seconds? Can I do that?

IDK when the last time you checked was, but you can get every Mac desktop, Pro, iMac and Mac Mini, with an SSD. Some are even PCIE based which is pretty advanced...

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IIRC you can disable the animation from computer system configuration. I know my motherboard also has a shortened mobo-splash

Now which of these items would you be most afraid of?

2 months ago. I was on the sight looking for help for my sister's Mac and didn't see any computer sporting SSDs.

And advanced or not, it's Apple. You'll pay a fortune for that.

Apple has had SSDS (some PCIe based) in their laptops for a long while now, granted overpriced but they still come with them

Didn't know that. I just thought my SSD was loading during that time. Omit that 40 seconds I said lol

In my Macbook: - so not that bad.

I figured they must sell them somewhere. I just didn't see any in the computers Apple was advertising. And like we've both said, overpriced. It's Apple.

And what are the details of disabling the plash screen?

Edit. Found it. Didn't get my load time to 8 seconds though

  1. No, its hard to upgrade your motherboard and processor, but an upgrade to an ssd for your boot drive is extremely easy and fast. You cheap out on your motherboard, and your whole system can die because of it. You cheap out on your processor, and your system won't last as long and won't be as good in games as it could be. Not enough ram, and your system will still be slow. Not a good psu, and your whole system can die because of it. And finally, a bad graphics card and your system isn't as good in games as it could be.

  2. Bigger, Better, and cheaper is the future for ssd's.

  3. Long term new SSD's are becoming more reliable then HDD's.

  4. Samsung 850 evo or 850 pro, Kingston Predator, or intel 730 series.

  5. Almost every mac is now either full ssd powered or has an ssd option.

  6. I run a Samsung sm951 128 which is a m.2 pcie 3.0 x4 ssd. Its reading at about 2Gbps, so I'm booting in less then 10 seconds from the time I hit the power to desktop.

My rig is going on 3 years old has Kingston Hyper X 3k boots to login in about 11 secs thats without ultra quick boot enabled.

Apple is using pcie ssd's in there laptops and desktops now so the prices they are selling them at are really not that unreasonable, because pcie ssd's are way faster then sata drives and also more expensive. Its the one customization option on Mac's that isn't unreasonably priced.

Hmm. I have yet to see said ones. Of course, every Mac I've ever seen has been overpriced shit in a learning institution. Why schools dont have someone just build a bunch of PCs is beyond me. "You have to pay labor for someone to put them together" yeah, and that's a fraction of buying a bunch of Macs. Oh well, I'm just tired of paying thousands to a university and being given cheap trash in return.

Most of the skimping out i meant is things I'd advise people do anyway if they want to save money without losing a considerable amount of performance. AMD CPU, cheaper case, mouse and keyboard bundle like the Devastator, non modular PSU, etc. If your budget is so small that you can't squeeze in a tiny SSD without changing core parts to cheap trash, my advice at that point is to not even build it till later when you can afford it. What's the point in self building a computer on a budget so small that it runs like a lame man? If you just need internet access and other computer functions, $200 laptops are in abundance at Walmart

@Tek_Elf I'm on windows 8.1, and I did splash screen mumbo jumbo. I'm using an 840 EVO with RAPID enabled.
Also, I get similar times with my laptop, 850 Pro, running ubuntu 14.04.

@alex2 I'm afraid of the dildo gunship (if that was a thing).

Hey @jfing14, I need you to make a dildo gunship. Don't ask why. Post in this chat.

I'm personally considering dropping HDDs all together, as mine only average about 2 years before dying on me.
Been running my 120gig SSD for over two years now, still it performs as it did out of the box more or less.

No bad sectors or anything of the sort, it hasn't even begun touching the reserve flash.
Old intel 330 ssd.

Modern SSDs are likely even better than this thing, and I don't see this one failing anytime soon from wear and tear.
It even survived getting hooked up to the wrong rail, 2 hdds that were on the same cable started smoking, whoops.

I get 8 seconds or so sometimes with Windows 10 which boots considerably faster than W7. You can disable the splash screen, and fool around msconfig startup for best results. There's also settings in the uefi to boot using OC settings.

You cheap out on the motherboard nothing's gonna happen because there are no more no-name brands out there. Even Biostar which was considered no name in recent history is stable.
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