Does anyone still Bitcoin Mine?

Does anyone still Bitcoin Mine?

not without dedicated asic hardware
but even that is on the way down
a good antminer system was KING not long ago
and now those sets can be had for like 400 bucks as people sell them off before they become completely stupid to run

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I still have an antminer my brother gave me when he stopped using it. Think it's still worth using?

go google a bitcoin calculator\
pop in your cost of electricity
and the spec of your ant miner
it will tell you if running it will cost you more than you can make

The thing is that I'm in college rn, so the issue for me would be whether or not it's actually safe to mine on campus wifi. (Not sure if most schools block stuff like that)

Nope. Not since my ASICs stopped being worth using.

yeah sure
fuck it
as long as you dont pay for power
fuckin your making money


Yup, every time AMD releases a new card you can bet bitcoin miners to fuck up the market price of it for weeks on end.

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Lol ikr? That's why I brought it with me.

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if your mining on a gpu your so soo literally last generation
asic or bust
there are literally USB STICKS with asic hardware that can out perform a whole high end gpu


what makes, or made amd gpus so good for mining?

the type of math
sha 256 algorythm
was just able to be calculated in less steps on the open cl platform of amd hardware

it takes more steps per compute cycle on nvidia processes

ie amd did the math in like 5 steps
and nvidia took 10

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Imagine if you were one of the people who mined with dozens of ASIC miners back in the day. You would be a multi-millionaire by now. Right now tho it is cheaper to invest then actually mine the currency.


not unless you have free electricity

I have an ant miner and made about .013 in bitcoin last month. That's about $8
I have free electricity at work (we get a certain amount of power per square foot, so we were already paying for the power)

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Nope. Don't even consider it. It's not worth it. Bitcoin is so hard to mine these days that even the fastest hardware ASICs are struggling to turn profits on the power they use.

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I'm fairly certain the algorithm recently doubled in difficulty, it's going to be insanely hard to reach a favorable ROI these days.


but maybe the value of bitcoin goes up 2x-10x

but it'll never be like the good dope days

I'm mining a mixture of Ethereum (+siacoin) and Monero.

Right now it's rather profitable even when mining on the CPU as these kinds of crypto coins are safe against ASIC type miners because they're heavily memory based and not pure hashing.

I'm seeing around 1400-2000 USD a year on my personal rig when taking power costs into consideration (nothing major since it only uses around 340w)

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That's strictly CPU mining?!?
What CPU, how much memory, etc?
I have tons of hardware at work, free electricity, and could always go scavenging for cheap boxes.

I'm using two Fiji cards running at 717mhz each, at this frequency they only run at like 0.94v so they use a lot less power.
I'm currently switching back and forth between a 5820k @ 4.4ghz, and a bw-ep ES 12 core 1.7ghz chip, they get about the same hashrate, but the latter uses only like 45w running all horses.

I use Claymores CPU miner on the CPU, around 350-400 hashes/s on the CPU alone.
With the GPUs I either use Claymore's GPU Cryptonight(XMR) or Claymore's dual miner (ETH + SIA).

Running the Ethereum dual miner I get around 44mh/s on Ethereum, and 940mh/s SIA.

I'm using 16gb of memory, though keep in mind that you want 3-4 gb GPUs for mining ethereum, since 2gb cards can't fit the whole working set in vram anymore.

If you want to do CPU mining with XMR, Claymore miner is your best bet, and the mining speed depends on how much cache your CPU has, and how fast they run, rule of thumb is 2MB of cache per thread, but for low performance cores you can usually run more threads.
Mining XMR is usually profitable on most CPUs, even more so if you can downclock it!.

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