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Diy Water cooling experiment "Project FLEXSEAL"


Just rereading for idea building and I realized the pressure release on the motor cycle rad would make swapping water really easy


@Adubs before i buy some f1 do you know what it does to vinyl or slicone tube? just if you know i am still going top buy but i assume i am going to need hard line


No Idea. We have recommended it in situations that have pex tubing but I’d have to call the manufacturer to find out if its 100% safe. I dont see any immediate reason why it would be reactive.

Heres the MSDS if youre a chemistry nerd


the msds has the reactions and its a clear so it shoulddddddddd ********* be ok


Its not clear to me how some of the components might break down over time but I dont see why those would break down from it.


well we will see down the road i doubt any issue arising but it will be a good test. maybe i can market smaller bottles.


Update its been a while parts are finally showing up and new things have been ordered !
2 more but this time cheaper and from china we shall see how they come
and the ac-dc power supply needed to run the pico dc-dc psu i bought


the rads have arrived and now have been installed just waiting on ram, fittings, and psu stuff


Very nice. Nice industrial look.


Wonder how much heat those dissipate each


from testing above i had the cylinder cooling a pentium d 85watt tdp at 100% load for 3h and 10h tests keeping the cpu under 60c but the loop get hots at 10h and begins to throttle near the end of 10h


Guessing those tanks are basically a center devide. so their main advantage is just tons more water making the capacity of the loop big but the dissipation is not that good


well these rads preform better at high heats they are transmission rads so if the loop gets to say 50c it will stay at 50c so matching the right hardware to this loop is key the gpu ive been using for testing is gonna go so i have to get a ryzen 3 2200g. the thing is the bottom motorcycle rads are the first rads the water goes to after being in the system and they have so much water mass and surface area that a ryzen 3 1200 100% for 24h never passed 60c with those and one of the cylinders


The motorcycle rad will have much more surface area where the fluid flows unlike those tubes. (all the channels vs the huge single channel of the tubes, along with the less distance to more surface area from those channels compared to less in the fins on the tubed)


the manifolds are huge which a lot of water sits




Passive heat loss is a thing. All that car Aluminium takes time to heat up. You could cycle cinebench many times and the heat load would just be sucked up by metal.

Now when you thermal cap the loop :slight_smile: Your not touching any part of the loop without burns :slight_smile:

Then again with all that passive cooling can the system even challenge the thermal load with how many watts it draws.


well i decided to buy another aluminum plate to remove the wood currently holding the cylinder rads should be her before the end of next week


that will increase your heat dissipation :stuck_out_tongue:


and so i now have a place to mount the rads and put a picture of phil swift maybe in acrylic