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Diy Water cooling experiment "Project FLEXSEAL"


I see progress :+1:

love the look of the radiator :sunglasses:



with a black mobo and some brass fittings i could steam punk this really ez


What tubing are you using?


in the pictures there, just 5/16 ID fuel line


Probably never going to have leaks with that.


I’ve been laying it bed with ideas of how to plum a system for easy access. !
Dam you for interesting me !


So what’s the budget so far?


If you have to ask, you cant afford it.


Probably not too much if you sourced everything from a parts yard.


How much for that taco?

Yeah, I’m kinda curious if DIY from parts yard is still cheaper than going with purpose built hardware, for acceptable performance.


this is correct the aluminum and new rads made it go wayyyyyyy over what i would want to admit.

if i went car radiator cores it would be hella cheap
the fact i went with the cylinder rads is where the cost came from … but i dunno if i added fans to this system… would i do better?
w/o fans one cylinder rad is about a 140mm 35mm thick rad


you would prob need a pretty serious pump if big ass car rad


honestly? yes. you wouldnt be relying on poor convection currents and lots of thermal mass. It doesnt take much airflow to see an improvement. It would defeat the purpose of being passive though.


im gonna need a phil swift acrylic sheet soon
might get it made for the mobo side still dunno


depends on the rad, you wanna aim for the smaller sadans and motorcycle rads


Nah, car rads don’t have a whole lot of resistance in them.

This. Something like a classic Mini rad would be perfect, hell, more than enough.

Of course, this is new and “high performance”


and you’ll run into the same issue i had which you need either huge tube and fittings or you gonna need some flex seal


Find a rad with enough straight area where the hose connects, thread that opening plug it and thread a g1/4 hole on that plug

could probably stand to have a gasket between plug and opening too


threading the holes is gonna be a fun leaking mess


I disagree, would be a mess to get all the little pieces of alu out but alu cuts good not sure if it really matches a stock thread size tho


I’ve tapped an oil pan and not replaced the oil. Not a single metal shaving.

How you ask?

ARP assembly lube.