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Diy Water cooling experiment "Project FLEXSEAL"



used flex tape for the easy connection



If this fucking works, you’ll deserve a medal.


its going to take me ages to get the air bubbles out omg


im gonna need one of these just to make my life not hell.



The Horror


proof of concept testing soon need ram and a gpu riser


you need bleeder valves placed in the highest point of your hose


for this build i probably won’t but for v.2 sorry if it seems im dismissive its just v.2 is going to be alooooooottttttt better overall


moved some tubes around so the res acts as the air release valve im also going to get a 300 watt pico psu for this





3hour test complete 40c cpu top temp 36c top loop temp! i call this a win!


Very nice build, with good temps. I am enjoying the creativity of this project. Excellent work.


now on to v2 and refining the loop for that i will be buying some new liquid cooling rads and a correctly sized base plate and well better overall layout


Do hardline.


I love the juxtaposition of the brand new ek block and the flex tape. :joy:


Don’t mix metals :wink: