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Diy Water cooling experiment "Project FLEXSEAL"


Yup it would probably pull tubes out of fittings if it was in a water loop.


the tubes would need to be iron to even be used so the loop alone not even filled would weigh alot.


Glass tubes would work and look super cool.

I should stop feeding this idea.

And for reference 300ml of mercury is just over 4kg. 13.56g/ml


its never gonna happen lmao unless you can have like 1mm thick or so cold plates to even move the heat and it would need to be iron plates and iron really isn’t for thermal applications… hmmm graphine cold plates


Next thing you should try, Submerge the computer in mineral oil.


If you weren’t using aluminium could you use gallium?


possible maybe a stainless steel or copper alloy maybe. gallium has fun property like soild state cooling sublimation with gallium you can boil it from a soild condense it and repeat but 277kj/66.2kilocalories needed to sublimate gallium at sea level so nearing 145c for that for effective cooling. reason for sublimation over pumping gallium as a liquid is the pump required would be even worse then a mercury pump to either acquire or the reactions gallium has will make pumping hard for long term. thats what i gathered from reading some ap chem papers and research papers . i’m no chem major so take that with a pinch of salt.


No i understand i was studying chemistry before i changed to a health science degree


I’m gitty like a child on Christmas morning at 5:15am


Delivery date is the 4th hype af also ordering aluminum plates now for the “unside down ‘T’” frame/body thing that though because of trump traiffs is proving to be expensive. My wallet is hurting more than a steam sale from back in the day with those 15 minute flash hell sales.


im surprised you haven’t tried inter-cooler technology!
heat transfers readily in a liquid medium as opposed to air convection
placing the radiators in a 5 gallon bucket of water. would dramatically improve the heat transfer.
and the cpu would not generate enough heat to raise the water temp high enough for it to damage itself


well that’s easy “take a aoi and dunk the rad in salt ice water” passive cooling was the main goal from this first build. I am thinking of a idea for a really “cool” intercooler that will wait until then but i will post about it!


do not use salt water as it is corrosive.
if your water bucket has a cover (cut holes for the hose to go through) use water and a non ethanol antifreeze. just make sure the bucket is secured to the wall or floor so it cant tip over.


i forgot the /s again for the “salt water” part my bad


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So instead of having a plate at the bottom for my case its gonna be more radiators! heres the idea so the aluminum plate arrives friday the water block tuseday and i hope to have the cuts done on the wood and aluminum plus i need to order some flex seal!


my quick idea drawning for the new plan to use the rads as feet and rads subject to change


24h leak test ekwb aluminum block hype!


the drill gave out (got from thrift for 1$) half way through getting the first hole made so ill get another drill later to continue. i will not contiune by hand that sucked getting one hole made.


Progress so far I need to take a break for now