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Diy Water cooling experiment "Project FLEXSEAL"


and so my drawing skills are tested again but a bit more to better explain the idea


stress test complete 3h run time for loop saturation highest temps in the 36.4c


Very nice work!


This is an amazingly fun thread!


Awesome. :slight_smile:
Do a fluid check an a month or two to make sure there are not to many metal interactions / particales.
Nice setup.


A little fernox f1 would fix that problem.




I work in the hydronics business. Fernox f1 is a chemical that inhibits corrosion and breakdown of metals in hydronic systems. Mainly used in boilers but would work anywhere you don’t have potable water.


ah the alloy of the aluminum that i have in my loop is made for water/ coolants. but i will sure look into it ive ordered a ekwb aluminum block and i don’t know the alloy they use it could react with my rad. is the “f1” obtainable at like lowes or home depot?



If you went PEG like in a car though I would think it has similar properties… Plus antibacterial possibly?


i have a dumb thought liquid cooling with liquid Mercury… i do not think it will go well and it would weight a lot more then i think it will.


Is that what linus used in whole room water cooling but still got gunk in the loop?


Look at some videos by codyslab can tell it’s definitely gonna be too heavy and imagine leaks


eh if i use iron for cold plates and rads then it might work even the tubes and fittings have to be iron but the thermal conductivity of iron may be the bigger issue…


No, he used PEG like regular antifreeze.


The problem is pumping it. Youll have a lot more head on your pump and that could kill it if you don’t know what kind of requirements you have to meet for ft hd.

Got a pump curve for your pump?


Well not for Mercury I would have to find a Mercury pump. it eats everything quickly so finding a pump is gonna be hard. in a base test, as long as I don’t oxidize with impurities in liquid Mercury it should be a stupidly good thermal conductor but. I am not going that route due to the cold plates (water block) have to be iron and iron is shit for moving the temperatures a computer puts out. 68wmk iron and copper is a bit under 400wmk and aluminium is 200wmk… and the higher the temperatures of aluminum the better it moves heat unlike copper and iron which get worse (75c-125c-225c for testing temperatures)


Your damn right it would. A half a science jar, 250-300 ml weighed considerably more than a kilo.


i loved watching cody flush what was it 3-4 flasks of mercury breaking the flush arm chain trying to lift the stopper