Digital Nomad/Technomad/Nomadic with a computer

I always thought living mobile in a tricked out small to medium size rv, with all the gaming/high tech comforts I could want, to travel the country. I love being out doors and in the mountains as much as I love gaming, data hording and being connected.

Been thinking about doing just that for some time now, I can’t travel remote for the job I have however I am living in an RV right now. Rent is insane for substandard units and its way cheaper to live in one plus the standard of living is way higher where I am in one than renting.

Would love to know if anyone currently is or previously been what is being called a Digital Nomad/Technomad. (This NODE article got me looking into the whole idea again) Do you have any tips/ideas to pass along?

What has been the hardest thing or biggest drawback to you while doing this? If you never tried to do this, what are your thoughts on the idea? Would you try it, and if so why?

Feel free to post here, or make a thread and link it here. I will be adding links and posts that may help out in the thinking of all this.

Links to ideas around this:

  • One Bag Reddit - Has quality posts on peoples “One Bag” approach to travel. Place to pick up tips and recommendations for gear like this post.

Links RVs, Vans, offgrid homes:

L1T Links:

Digital Nomads:

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couldn’t agree more & where i live i’m blessed with tens of thousands of acres of privacy, mountain rivers that most of the time are quite cool n 2bh probably wouldn’t need boiling or lifestrawing but do anyway plus the privacy of being able to swim without issues so i guess having a bath could be no troubles!

flowing water plus one of those mini-turbine things that are portable is enough for electricity for basic stuff, maybe maybe enough to heat water/warm water then have a gravity shower if you can’t do cold water…

i can’t add to the conversation with remote work but living, eating & drinking n camping in nature i definitely can… there are plenty of cons tho, being lonely is one n if something happens there’s no one to help you so satellite phone and PLB is another… suppose a good healthy thing esp if you’re social would be to every now n then meet up with other peeps doing that so u can hang out a bit n have healthy social stuff…

but yeah we definitely don’t need to be stuck in houses and cities anymore n while star link isn’t cheap, the portable option means no more being tied to places that have cell service, you get to really go out there n reconnect with nature, find some peace.

I hope anyone who lives this sort of life or is interested in it could bump this thread a bit, its a good discussion to have :slight_smile:

edit: cmon y’all! this could be a really awesome thread!!

I have done work for several people that are digital nomads and live out of travel trailers. They loved it and one guy did it with his family for over two years. Used a Starlink + cellular for connectivity and I think he just put solar panels on his trailer this winter.

He would bounce between trailer parks and then make small stops in national/state parks.


Ive had access on some boats but I never had a “good” experience. Its been spotty and slow. DirectTV and satellite internet = meh combined w the harsh and stressful environment of the ocean leaves hardware often down anyway. That said I havent been at sea w a Starlink connection which would be the level one would need I think to be full MarineDigiNomad vs porthopping for wifi.

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Chris from Jupiter broadcasting does that. More batteries and fewer solar panels, afaik, so tied a bit more to shore power, more often.