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Did I just lose two cores?


I have the i7-2700K. Few months ago I noticed my CPU meter started to show 4 threads instead of 8. I thought that meter just started to show the whole cores rather than threads so i didn’t pay attention to it. Only just when i decided to check the temperature of my CPU i noticed it is showing only two cores.

I found that really strange because I am 100% certain that my CPU comes with 4 cores.
So then I checked CPU-Z to confirm and there it is. 2C4T

Did 2 of my cores just died? I haven’t seen something like this before.


It definetly should have 4c/8t… something is fucky.

A stupid and probably inaccurate way to test is run cinebench r15, score should be arround 700 (give or take 50 points)


Have you checked your BIOS settings lately?


@Steinwerks nope.


Go to your BIOS.


That is about half what we expected, I think it is dead.


I would check the return policy first
But this guy had simular and did an OS reinstall

Sorry to hear this, even with 2 cores it should do better then 305 I think, my 7850k does 302

and this guy had it also


I did, all cores are enabled and they seem to be active as the frequency keeps changing on them.


Thanks for looking into it. So we can conclude that this is windows issue? It’s fascinating how windows breaks on its own over longer period of time and the way to fix it is always re-install. I am certainly not going to do it now because i have tons of stuff installed with lot of registry edits.

EDIT: i WAS looking for the solution button, that marks the post with green tag. Why was that removed?


If you have a spare HD you could try an install on that, Atleast that would confirm software vs a firm/hardware prob

It was a shot in the dark on my part and it could be something else.
Plus the forum has a lot of people who work in IT and know wayyyy more then I ever will


Linux USB stick -> htop. Easiest way to be sure.


check your bios and see if intel hyper threading has been disabled. That might be your issue there


Doesn’t windows have a bootloader thing that allows you to disable CPU cores in the kernel? Might be worth looking into.

I’m not a windows guy, but the tool that allows you to mess with the bootloader is ringing a bell for me.


Yes you can set this in msconfig and going to advanced options.


That’s it! tada!


Checked already, hyper threading is enabled.


I have the Number of processors set to 4.


try setting it too 8. it might represent threads instead of cores


4 is the maximum I can pick. It doesn’t go any further.


@Dje4321 is correct this does represcent threads and not cores, for this CPU the drop down should show an option for 8. if its not the case then something must be way off if the kernel doesn’t show up all 8 threads.