DeViLzzz Giveaway ... Now over (prizes being handed out and thnx 2 the people that cared to participate)

In order to win anything I'd like to see some PhysX memes or whatever you want to call them.

What I pick as the winners is the only way to win something. There will be no random draw or other stuff.

Update: Contest is over. I am disappointed by the response but not surprised by it. I will be handing things out over time to the people that cared to participate. Thanks to those who took the time. Oh and there will still be 2 x Humble Bundle $1 tier giveaway ... as in you get it for 12 months.

And .. just so I remember who I gave stuff to I will note it here ...

Positron - PAYDAY 2
CyklonDX - 1 x 12 months of $1 tier Humble Bundle




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Okay ? what is with all the broken links ?

Damn it, i was using my phone to post some memes, aparently they did not upload or link properly. Will try to fix it tomorrow when i get home from Xmas...

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It's all working now. Not sure what changed, but the images are working on my end.

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Glad to hear it. So, now that you can see them...opinions? :)

I think the one should say "run for you". Just sayin'.

This is my meme entry:

The two guys who almost killed Batman: Bane and PhysX.


But doesn't a meme have to be posted on a photo? I love what you wrote though. : )

I'm so out of touch I don't understand how memes work :(

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Hell I am told what I make aren't even memes. Just make whatever words on top of a pic and have a shot at winning a game. LOL

:) click to see full image


Top meme 👌

Arkham Knight...