Dell Latitude E5510 Build

I am thinking about replacing my Chromebook with a upgraded Dell business laptop. Do you think this build would be better then my HP Chromebook 14?


SSD (Will probably get a Black Friday Special):

Ram (Will probably get a Black Friday Special):





Should probably just save up and buy something like new and complete, with more guaranteed working parts potentially

This is a secondary computer and buying a laptop new would be overkill.

The refurbished section of newegg has a lot that have an i7 and such

What's it going to be used for?

Web browsing, Word, Light Photoshop, ect

Well you could either trade with someone you know or someone on craigslist

Or if you just want a cheap x86 device, the transformer book ain't too bad,store:5954105100219183835,lsfqd:0&prds=oid:14890354012121368403&q=laptop&hl=en&ei=iOA-Vp-CC8TWmAGTxp6wCw

Or you could get this tablet with a few accessories and be good to go

it even has a 1200p IPS display somehow at 100 bucks, and dual boots windows/android

I have a 7in tablet already and I couldn't get anything done with a 10in laptop. If I go my route I'm getting a hell of a lot of power for under $300. Would there be a better option to get more power?

So basically you just want a bigger laptop?

Wait, stop everything

there is an X201 Thinkpad with an i7 for $250

Search is over

I want I more capable laptop for when I travel every once and a while. Chrome os is great for most things but if I want to edit photos or use adb I'm out of luck.

1st gen mobile i5's and i7's are ok but they do chew the battery and get pretty hot. I would hunt around for a sandbridge or ivybridge model. The hp and lenovo (thinkpad range) business grade units are worth hunting around for as well as Lenovo's can come with the high res panels too.

But for $50 (provided it works) thats a pretty good deal, I'd grab it.

Do you care about battery life? Because anything old and used you buy will basically have no battery life

I would replace the battery. I can get a 9 cell battery for 20$.

But is it a rebuilt battery with modern cells?

I just found this on ebay, it has a second gen i5:

(panel damage - has had a drop or been hit - something else could have been damaged as well)

some other cheapies to view:

Is that X1 just the shell or something?

Nope just missing HDD & its caddy.

Then why is it 20 dollars

dude its an auction