Dell Latitude E5510 Build

@deejeta Dude, its a dell.

But in all seriousness, they are great laptops. Sell them all the time, never had any major issues with them. Make sure you have seen pics of the keyboard and trackpad, the finish tends to wear off pretty easy on those (if that's even an issue for you). For a secondary laptop they are just fine and will do basically anything you want, yea the battery life won't be outstanding, and yes they do get warm, but if you have the time why not.

Also those 3rd party batteries can be hit or miss. But you sometimes find a gem.

edit saw the inside, looks fine to me :)

this ->
is what last 2 posts were talking about - I linked to a Thinkpad that was for auction.

If I get get that for around 100$ that would be such a steal

the i5 2520m laptops have absolutely flooded ebay and i think focusing on those would be fruitful.

I can't find a hard drive caddy for the x1

You can upgrade this a lot more then the X1:

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I have the ivy bridge version of that laptop I love it, the teardown and options are great, you can even put a backlit keyboard into them.

I bought it:

At 95.99 shipped I think this is a good deal.

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There are so many knockoff battery's on eBay, does this look legit:

Great work on the purchase. Solid units. Batteries can be very hit and miss. I've had a few that were no where near the rated capacity. At least on eBay you can read the feedback. A renown battery stockist can sometimes be cheaper and offer a warranty.

I bought a OEM battery for $35 and a OEM 90 watt charger for $25. I will be at micro center as soon as it opens this black Friday to get all of the upgrade parts.

What I am going to do it get a optical drive SSD caddy and take my two ssds out of my dekstop and put them in the E6520.