Defcon 24 Anyone?

I know where I'm gonna be. What about you? @DeusQain @Logan

I'm going to be at QuakeCon 2016.

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Damn. Also, any updates on lansyndicate 2017?

We have secured the venue.

Union Station, Kansas City, Missouri

We will have google fiber!


God diddle damn
One year, if it still continues, I will need to align a holiday in America with this event if I want to make it.

More information will be made available when we make the official announcement.

Now that I have your attention to this topic, I want to tell you to check the niticications from the contact form, as I posted there about volunterring with lansyndicate next year.

What about LAN Syndicate in LA? I have an event space that is workable.

would be even more of a turn off than going to seattle, remember people live on the other side of the continent

traveling from Detroit to SEA/TAC was far enough, and I wouldnt be caught dead in CA

I'll be going to defcon Wed-Saturday.

Awesome!! Look for a kid in a tin foil hat

So everyone?

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Last year I was the only person there with one that I could find.

@DeusQain Gonna get gbps links this time? :D We could probably crowd source the 10gbps switches. I've been thinking about getting one because... I like being poor.

300-400 people on a gigabit link... With the way you guys use it.. would still saturate the network.

I'm likely going to do the same setup as last time. It sounds mean. but it's to protect the network.

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minus Comcast shenanigans :D


Comcast wasn't the biggest issue, squid destroying souls was being a large issue because we were choke slamming Comcast and it was having a hard time caching the data to reduce bandwidth usage.

any chance of 10Gbps LC fiber drop? :D

i'm going to be there as always.

long hair, dark shirt, jeans :)

We should do a meetup with everyone some night I'll be going to a lot of the hardware talks.