Defcon 24 Anyone?

What?! We can't download the entire pornhub library?!

Mean? Nah... Sounds logical. I just asked because last time we were trying to share game files using windows shares but it ended up being way slower than just moving it all to a flash drive. If it would be possible to do gbps locally on the switches and then limit everyone to 100mbps links to main switch then that would be cool. But that's more work so...

On another unrelated note, as long as it's not in the middle of the semester I'll fly/drive out early to help with setup.

I was going to bring my LAN NOC to defcon. There should totally be a meetup. Anyone in?

I'm sure they could at least setup their r720 as a file server, right? Seems odd that they would have no file/gameserver for an event like this.

That time already? I hope the Rooters are there this year :D I also wonder if the one chick improved her radio's on reading LCD's

I'm hoping linuxsurplus brings more 10gb gear for cheap prices

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I'd be down.

If squid had worked correctly then we should have had 12MB/s~ downloads directly from cache. I'm fairly sure it didn't get configured/implemented because of the clusterfuck that was Comcast. Would still be nice to have faster LAN speeds though.

Ya. I had issues with squid not USING it's cache. I just kept getting TCP_MISS all day long. Folder probably grew to a few GBs, but it didn't think the cache was updated or something.

2 of my coworkers are going, one sponsored by a friend that runs one of the villages, another paid for by the company- I get to stay here... yay! (sarcasm)

Am hanging around black hat

After 8 hours of traffic, thunder, and accidents, I FINALLY made it to the hotel. Only to now be switching rooms to something that isn't smelly. I guess theres no hanging out tonight.

Oiiiii anyone here? I'm at Bally's playing keno

Im at defcon 101 rn