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De-Googlifying - my journey



Why the fuck do they require that? :thinking:

What about this I wonder…

self-hosting is a pain tho…


I have that installed; so unless I missed something when adding it, it does jack shit. Now it still works: as in the program doesnt crash or anything, however I cannot get notifications, so I have to remember to check my mail on the regular.


some may think that this is a plus.


I like not getting notifications, however I would rather that they worked, and that I just disable them.


Get a palm centro or samsung blackjack. Problem solved.

gg, no re.

I deleted facebook though I doubt its actually deleted. You could do a lot with host blocking.


Ive been de-googling as much as I can as well, thought it may seem to be very little, ive gone from google to DDG, and chrome to Vivaldi. on my phone I still use gmail; and DDG is my search engine now.
Funny thing is that I still get ads on my smart TV or phone for things I googled a month and a half ago (the last time I used it).


I would love a phone with a real kbd.


Use Bitchute instead of YT whenever possible. Some tubers have an account and cross post from YouTube, HEXDSL for example.


Any time I go near an Emergency Room I get pre-paid Funeral offers in the mail a few weeks later. Funny thing is I have had a grave and headstone since 1991, all that is missing is the funeral…


Oh, this I’ve been looking for this for ages. Thank you!


Thanks! I know and even tested one of the newer ones but for something I use on a daily basis I want it to be as stable as possible.


Have you tried Lineage OS as an alternative for Android? I didn’t but afaik it’s free and open source and with F-Droid you can use an appstore with free and open software as well.


Back on my Samsung Galaxy S2 I used CyanogenMod (predecessor of LineageOS) it was working great and prolonged the life of my phone for some time.

Using F-Droid already.


I am using microG with Proton Mail app and notifications are working.

Try updating microG through F-Droid. Notifications stopped working for me a while back, but upgrading fixed that.


NextCloud is legit.

Can’t comment on the others. I remember people not being able to read my e-mail from ProtonMail (or maybe Ghost Mail?) and DuckDuckGo was really inconsistent.

Firefox is an obs :wink:

YouTube is supplemented now with Spotify, PocketCasts (it has it’s own privacy concerns, I hear), Netflix (yeah, yeah), and Playstation Vue (OMG).


My god, the green.


u jelly? y mad?

Red was too formidable. Black made the picture look small (AND I HATE TINY THINGS).


So does your wife, but she makes do. (I hope) :stuck_out_tongue:

I had to.

That’s fair. Could have kept the stock blue. That green looks like something straight out of the early 00s.


That’s part of the appeal!

Fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now when you guys get accounts I don’t want to hear any complaining about the colors.

LMFAO yeah I was going for self deprecation :joy: :disappointed: :sob:


oh my god so much better, that green made my eyes bleed