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De-Googlifying - my journey



Much better.


Ya I was browsing around on my phone the other day and noticed that there is some trace of it somewhere, but I can’t remember how I found it.

In my apps list in settings there is still the Facebook App Manager and it won’t let me remove it, only “disable”.


No I mean my actual profile. I never installed the facebook mobile app. Even I’m not that dumb.


Many OEMs provide FB as a built in app, and you can’t delete builtins usually, only disable. the .apk still stays.

But I think he meant that FB doesn’t delete his stuff of their servers.

^ ah well there it is, as I was writing that


Yeah, im pretty sure if I tried to log in it would all be there waiting for me. “scheduled for deletion” my ass


He has an account on here afaik.


^ i believe it is the same beautiful man.


I can confirm that this is true :slight_smile:


You gotta get more creative with your subdomain naming or get a longer red line.


Holy shit, its sexy hexy! Hello


Foiled by my lack of originality!




not that I already showed you that in a PM


What happens in Gek stays in Gek :wink:


u want sum gek in ya?


to be fair at least it doesnt immediately redir with just the subdomain. Mine does out of sheer laziness.



  1. I suck at nginx
  2. Number 1 really prevents a lot of possibilities
  3. Not sure how long it’s going to be up lol


same. I just append port because extreme lazy.

Also no cert so http only.


git gud bro

Seriously Nginx is extremely easy for reverse proxies and the sort.

Also, I just verified: your nextcloud install is not vulnerable to SQL injection on the login form. Be happy! (I may have been bored)


Every wiki/doc/blog says this, but I can barely get it installed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m starting to hate this forum :smirk: :imp:

Thanks though. I guess. :joy:


Just use your safeword.

I really wanted to leave a selfie on the root of the admin account.


Ah, this is the thread you were talking about.