Daisy-chain L1 KVMs?

Hi there,

is it possible to daisy-chain two L1 KVMs? I kinda ran out of ports …

I guess it should work when switching inputs on the devices, but, would it be possible to do it via hotkeys as well? Maybe like with nested screen-sessions on Linux? 3xCTRL+[1…4], for example?

Also, since I understand that the KVM is sort of a passive device with no signal regeneration, will the signal be strong enough behind the daisy-chain?

don’t know about daisy chaining kvm, but from what i read you’re thinking very complicated, there should be a better solution then to daisy chain kvm switches, how many devices do you have and what the end goal should be? There has to be a better and simpler solution to your problem.

Actually there are 3 PCs + 1 PC (as Ubuntu Server) connected to a 2-Monitor-4-PC L1-KVM Switch. Now I have ordered a Thunderbolt docking station for my laptop, that would be the 5th device.

Sure, I could disconnect the server PC, but I was wondering if daisy chaining KVMs was possible.

This is silly stupid but you have my curiousity… Maybe @wendell ? Can KVMs be daisy chained?

I don’t know about the hotkeys, but switching physically on the KVM shouldn’t be a problem.

The problem I see is the signal integrity and strength since the KVMs don’t have a repeater built in, so you’ll have to consider the entire length of all cables from one PC over 2 KVMs to the monitor as one long cable (and the KVMs themselves probably also dampen the signal a little).
So you may or may not have to get separate repeaters (or powered DP cables?) to not get a signal that’s acting weird.

I have lots of stupid ideas :smiley: but, you have a point. Maybe @wendell can make a video about this - he should have enough KVM and cables to test this - before I have to shell out for another KVM :slight_smile:

The usb pd kvm does work daisy chained to other kvms. It’s a fun way to deal with annoying mac problems.

Signal degredation is a bit of a problem, though, so you might have some juggling to do if you’re using the full dp 1.4 bandwidth.


Thanks @wendell, but, can you be a little more specific?

I have a DP 1.2 4-port dual-monitor L1 KVM. Would it be ok to daisy chain it behind a DP 1.4 KVM?

That way, it seems, I‘d stay well under DP 1.4 bandwidths. Cables are all 6 foot DP 1.2 from cablematters - which you recommended at the time I purchased the KVM. They work great, btw.

Oh, monitors are not to overboard: 120hz 3440x1440 and 144hz full HD.

No plans for 4 or even more K.

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