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DAC with balanced output

I am looking for the same thing. Did you decide on one and are you happy with it? Any that I should avoid?
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Cambridge Audio has the Dacmagic Plus which has XLR line out (can be switched to pre out). But this topic is years old so it’s probably gonna get locked any second. Just make a new one. And welcome. :wink:

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I run the Fiio k3 on my desktop, but are you looking for xlr specifically?

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When you don’t need balanced, the SMSL Sanskrit 10th MkII is solid.

Alternatively, an audio interface like a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 or Motu M2 would also work. They would also enable you to hook XLR-mics up.

Geshelli Labs Enog2 Pro is probably the cheapest good balanced DAC out there.


Can recommend the Focusrite Scarlet Solo, they can be had reasonable cheap too second hand.

Wait… It has balanced inputs, maybe not outputs.

According to the user guide the 3rd gen Solo does have balanced outputs.

Page 3, 3rd paragraph down.

Ah I have the second gen one

Most of the Focusrite interfaces do. You would need two cables like this to hook them up (TRS to XLR):