im a HUUUUGE coffee drinker, since the age of eight, do not get the curig or however you spell it, it is way expensive to use if you drink 8 cups a day like me, and requires alot of WORK TO KEEP UP AND FAST!!!

Hence why I have a small 4 cup coffee maker. Gives me 2 mugs of coffee whenever I feel I need some.

If you want to minimize waste and maximize flavour and don't mind a bit of work, french press is the way to go. 

do you know where i can get a cool cheap one??? 

Or grab a Bialetti Moka Express 9-cup espresso maker.

It makes 9 2oz espresso cups. That means we get 18oz of black liquid crack with awesome flavor and very little work. Buy a Moka Express, a good coffee grinder, and some good espresso beans and never worry about sleeping again.

Walmart for around $10 (when it's on sale, which I think it is currently). I've got one in the garage (a 4 cup Mr. Coffee) for when I'm too lazy to walk back to the house and make some espresso. It does the job adequately when using cheap coffee. Meijer and Target usually carry them as well for nearly the same price.

thx man! il be buying this soon. 

Which? A french press or a coffee maker? My coffee maker is a cuisinart from Sears, and you can get a french press at Sears, Target, or Walmart (Shudder) for cheap. Not sure about american pricing, but in Canada it's between 15-30 bucks for a french press.

french press?

I've had a keurig for about two years now.  I only drink a cup every day or so in the winter and forgo coffee in the summer. Its quite nice not having to change filters and wait a long time for a cup.  It isn't economical if you drink 1/2 gallon of coffee every day.  Looking at the tiny cups it uses, it wasn't designed for that kind of consumption. 

I haven't had to do much maintenance or work on it.  Vinegar has to be run though it every now and then but I wouldn't say the "work" is very high on it.  Although, maintenance also depends on how hard you work the machine.

You can also buy a reusable filer and use whatever coffee you have around.

If you were asking about a French press above, $20 can get you one at Walmart as well, but I suggest picking one up at Amazon or another retailer that carries better French presses. My mother uses a Bodum, which is pretty nice at a decent price.

I bought this for making tea and have saved at least $30 this month by not buying the disposable cups.

That's probably what I'd use it for. But to invest in another device just to make tea is out of the question for me.

Loose leaf + infuser = no need for a Keurig

Personally for coffee I use an Aeropress and I love it. Quick, easy to clean, portable and makes wonderful coffee. If you need to make more than a cup or two its easy to make a couple batches. I take it to work with me all the time and make coffee. You just need a way to boil some water and you're good.

I switched from a Keurig for my tea purposes and found a cheap Senseo pod brewer. Using some custom made teabags, I get a better pot every time. I keep the Keurig around for the occasional cup of coffee, since coffee is actually a very hard flavor to remove from plastic, and it ruins the profile of most teas.

I got a Hamilton beach coffee maker. Has  a drip for a full pot, as well as a place for K-cup single servings. Where is your God now?


Aren't they nifty? Unfortunately, my consumption of coffee is currently quite low in comparison to my consumption of tea.

you can really use any pot for hot-brew tea,=. So that shouldnt make a difference, haha.

Keurig does tea too. OVER 200 DIFFERENT VARIETIES.

My Senseo with homemade teabags does tea too. Except it does many, many more possible varieties than Keurig. You may try to argue for a Keurig, but when you look into it's brew chamber, there you shall find the truth. A single point of entry for the water is entirely insufficient for producing properly extracted tea. I also don't have a Keurig that gives me temperature control, because that model was $40 more expensive, so mine keeps scorching my teas. My Senseo was second hand for $3, and it brews cool enough that even my white teas come out perfectly. If you happen to know of a machine that brews in a properly sealed brewing chamber with multiple points of water introduction, that allows me to control the temperature and ideally the duration of the brewing cycle, then I would love to know what it is and if I can repurpose it to my needs.