Cubanella Peppers Special


I made a modified cubanella peppers special yesterday.

Someone responded asking for a recipe. So I wrote it out with steps.

You can get most these from your grocery store. The cooking wine you’ll need to get from a asian supermarket


Must haves

  • Cubanella peppers
  • Chicken breast, pork, or preferred protein
  • Ginger
  • Xiao Xing cooking wine (or cooking wine)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Lao gan ma chili sauce

Nice additionals

  • Green onions
  • Red onions
  • Whole Carrots
  • Garlic


  1. Chop up your protein into stir fry portions
  2. Marinade your pork/chicken in cooking wine, salt, and pepper
  3. Chop up a ginger root and throw it in your marinade
  4. Chop up your cubanella peppers
  5. Chop up your optional ingredients
  6. Preheat your wok until you can feel heat on the back of your hand
  7. Put your choice of cooking oil (I use olive oil)
  8. Throw your red onions and garlic into the hot oil
  9. Throw in your protein
  10. Stir fry the protein until the majority of color on each piece has changed
  11. Throw in carrots and green onion
  12. Add your desired amount of lao gan ma (I used half a jar)
  13. Mix the chili sauce with the food
  14. Add cubanella peppers and add more chili sauce if you want it spicier
  15. Stir fry and check if the peppers changed color and have reached the desired consistency (I prefer crunchy).
  16. Turn off the stove and cap the hot wok
  17. Let it sit with the cap on for 5 minutes
  18. Portion it out
  19. Eat

additional notes

I added carrots as I couldn’t get 3+ pounds of peppers.


I dont mind the whole forum becoming a cooking forum… :laughing: