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Crypto Mega-Thread [A.K.A Cryptocurrency mining isn't for hobbyists and Ethereum's terrible]



get a room you two :wink:


hey guys im thinking of making a new cryptocurrency that can only be acquired by mining, it cant be sold or bought you just attribute it so it basically has no real worth i think its gonna be the next big thing


I recommend you just by into




Let’s play crypto stupidity bingo! Grab a card, everyone!


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It’s already happening;


Here, I’ll start to get the ball rolling:


This is over 5 years + of involvement.

Curious to see y’all’s.


I tried this once but gave up after I had to download the blockchain ( 25-ish GB) and it wouldn’t sync up. This was 2 years ago.


Tried what, mining? running a node?

You can own crypto without downloading a fuckton of data using SPV wallets (on most coins)

How do you think people trade on their phones?


It came.


mining bitcoin, at the time.


ugh crypto noobs these days:


Hmm those two basic concepts point to simply trading/investing over mining, even if you have bought assets.


It’s almost like people with a basic understanding of business and economics came to this conlcusion years ago


Rip BCash:

It’s done nothing but lose money since exchanges opened shorts and trading.

Dump it while you can boys


I posted that a couple posts up


damn I didn’t see it






The BTC-e shitshow is par for the course on exchange behavior.

Bitfinex just started an ICO for a “decentralized smart contract ICO trading platform” with their own shitcoin lol