Crossover 3412UM - inconsistent specs?


So, I’m trying to get my hands on a 21:9 Ultrawide monitor. I’m looking for x1440, Freesync, and ~100hz+ refresh rate. IPS is a strong preference, but I’m kind of on a budget so I had more or less given up on that. A flat panel (rather than curved) was also a thing I was hoping for, but it seemed like there weren’t any options.

The ACER ED7 and Massdrop VAST both caught my eye, being at the ~$600 or less price point. I couldn’t find a lot of feedback on them, though.

Enter the Crossover 3412UM! It’s actually a flat panel! Some of the ebay listings say 95Hz, but most say 75Hz…? The flat panel is so tempting, that I’m willing to overlook the 75Hz (or be very happy with 95Hz?), and it’s even got a “AHIPS”?!

I’ve seen one of these monitors for sale on ebay because it’s jacked up and not displaying a proper image, and apparently a user here was also having problems with one of these

I don’t know, should I gamble on one of these?

I don’t know what to tell you. It works fine now… I know crazy. And even after a power outage the image pops back in don’t have to mess around with hdmi and PiP.

You have a good 1 month guarantee if you decide to buy. If you see anything really anything just send it back dream-seller covers the cost.
On my first I had Black lines not hard to miss xD the second though started to open up randomly the last thing I did on the remote or buttons. Did I wanted to change the image mode the freaking thing would start to cycle through, did I open up the OSD it would start opening and closing… Like I said now it works fine. Non of that.

After all of this IMO this monitor is unbeatable the next best thing is an 1000$ asus rog…

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Hey! I’m really happy to hear the monitor is working out for you.

Did you purchase a “perfect pixel” unit, or a ‘regular’ one? How are the pixels on the panel?

Also, I’m really interested in the flat screen, how are you liking that aspect? Would you prefer it was curved?

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Thanks hope it stays that way for a long time.

I bought a normal one. I have only one red pixel showing up if the right amount of black is present on the screen. A black dot something got between the backlight and LCD. Plus a 3cm big light shade only noticeable if the whole monitor is white and you have to stare at it.
Thrust me it sounds much worse than it is. I am unable to see any of it in normal usage.

I am crazy about multi monitor so curved is a no go and didn’t had any.
Definitely go for the prefect pixel less chance of failure.

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Right now there aren’t any perfect pixel units available, but I’m not in a rush so hopefully one will show up that I can grab.

Oh! What refresh rate are you getting on your monitor? I’m assuming the stock refresh rate is 75Hz, but because I’ve seen a few listings say 95Hz, it’s a reasonably common overclock?

Mine is 95hz the next down is 60hz and it was advertised like that also. 95hz “boost”. I run 24/7 at the max.

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