Crossover 3412UM monitor dying again. What to do?

So the controller is dying again. Getting the image only when in split screen and then switching back to fullscreen forcing it to work and now i am looking at an almost grayscale image…
The first unit i got had lines all over and this second monitor they send me, was acting up 2 months after. Randomly opening up the OSD, cycling through crosshairs or aspect ratios. But now it’s just retarded. The image is fucked and it’s fading to black randomly. Shutting of backlight.

Now the question is where can i get a new controller? if that’s even possible. It would mean a tone if anybody could help because it’s my only monitor.

hey man, did you ever figure this out? Got one with a broken controller and looking for a new one.

I hope you bought it on ebay from a reputable seller. Try to return it.

My problem solved itself. I figured out the less I use my OSD and my remote the better. Last time my monitor acted up was probably half a year ago. I am really lucky.

The controllers are nowhere to be found. I asked Wendell if he knows of some sellers or if he has some willing to sell and got no response.