Cooling the AMD FX 9590

Hi everyone, before I get started I would like to point out if you are just going to recommend I trash this CPU and go Intel, I politely ask you not to comment. The same goes for you that suggest I should have went with a 8350. I've already made decision. The reason why I mentioned this is that an older post had the same question, and got nothing useful out of it, as comments were about the Intel chips, or 8350. I'm here for suggestions from people that have the same chip, and found useful setups that I can reference.

The chip isn't bad, and my old Corsair H60 still does it's justice. I do a lot of 3D rendering, (CPU typically is under load for an average of 4 - 6 hours). The temps hover around 60c. (68-72 on a hellish hot day). I know these are still safe temps, but still for something running that hot for so long, I want to lower the temps as much as possible. Things to be aware of, I have the Corsair AIR 540 case. The Noctua NH-D15 seems to be a good fit, since it slightly outperforms some all-in-one liquid coolers. Honestly, I wouldn't mind going with a duel fan radiator setup (except the AIR 540 case only supports fans up to 140mm. I haven't found a all-in-one liquid cooler that doesn't go below 240mm in fan size). Another cooler on my hit list is the Corsair H80i v2 (thick radiator).

Your help and suggestions are much appreciated, and thank you for your time! :)

If you want air cooling i recommend checking out the Cryorig R1 ultimate... same performance as an NH-D15 but much better looking imo. As far as AIO coolers go i don't like them as much... more points of failure, inevitable failure of non-servicable parts, etc. I do see the benefit of using AIO don't get me wrong... but a great air cooler should last you basically forever (albeit with some occasional fan swaps).


A very valid argument indeed!

I would use a watercooler. Thats just me though.

It really depends...
9590 being as hot as it is may need a water cooler.
My philosophy is this:
Air cooler until D15 or Silver Arrow is not enough. Then 240/280 and up. I dislike 120/140 aios. In my country most 120/140 aios are similarly priced to NH-U14S, and U14S cools better than most of them. So I still consider small AIOs to be pointless.
On the market in my country there is Deepcool Maelstrom 240 for durt cheap. I don't know why, but the low price of under 50$ is really tempting.
For something like that I would recommend it instead of any other option for the money, simply because it will outperform them. Otherwise I would stick with air.

This looks like some cool reading on subject.

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Might do a 9370 when I get to upgrading :P if the AM4 is going to have 8 12 and 16 cores then the prices are going to be super high.

I'd say run a 280mm (2x140) radiator AIO. Swiftech H-240, EKWB Predator or something similar.

When I had an FX 6 core @ 4.9ghz, going from an H60 to an H80i did nothing for temperatures. For radiators I recommend going for length before width.

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Nice choices for sure, especially since I'm limited to a max of 140mm fans (which I'm totally okay with). What CPU are you running? and are you using one of those coolers? Would like to know your results, if any.

Yeah, I hear speculations that they might release this year, though I'm not sure. I'm defiantly going to start saving my pennies now! :p.

@anon85933304 Thanks! Interesting reads. I've actually been looking for sources to find out the best solution for OC the FX 9590 to 5.0GHz. I've been able to get it stable at 4.8GHz so far :p (Still kind of a noob to CPU OC).

@psycho_666 The price ratio for AIO vs Air coolers are a lot higher here in the US (from my own shopping experience anyway). For air, I really like the Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3, and the Cryorig R1 Ultimate (The Noctua just takes up to much space my personal taste... though, i wouldn't mind swapping the stock fans from either one of the other coolers, and use Noctua fans ;) ). I just have to see how those two compare with each other before making a decision.

AMD recommends a "high performance water cooling setup" so at least 240x120mm radiator. If you can do it, 360x120mm.

i would go with an dual 120 or dual 140 aio, depending on what your case supports.
You need a cooler that can dissipate 220W TDP of heat from the chip at stock speeds.
I remember that Pistol had her FX9590 paired with a Noctua NH-D14, and it still got pretty toasty.

If you're up to watercooling, there's a few resources I can point you towards that might help. I put my GPU on a self built custom loop that didn't cost any more than one of those top end all-in-one closed loops. It went from 75-80C under full load to just 35-45C.

Rats, my speculation that @MisteryAngel is actually Pistol is wrong.

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As far as i know a dual 120mm aio like the Corsair H100i GTX should be no problem fitting in the top of that case.

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I've never used those two AIOs, but they're among the best I'm aware of. I like them because the components are closer to what you'd get in a custom loop. I was pretty close to getting the H-240X, but wound up going full custom loop (420mm total radiator/D5 pump) instead.

I'm running an FX-8320 at 4.8ghz (same heat output as a 9590, probably). With an overclocked R9 290X in the loop, temps hover in the low 50's under load.

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You know, I've been reluctant to try a custom loop. Mainly because of cost, and when I first started out with custom PC's I didn't need anything exotic, as the H60 was perfect for my needs. But now that's starting to change (also, the more I see custom loops poping up on the internet, the more I actually wouldn't mind a sweet set up (especially since the AIR 540 has a huge open panel to see everything)).

@MisteryAngel OH my!! I am so stupid... when you said that, it JUST clicked I just realized the sizes I was seeing were combining the 2x fans (120+120 = 240, etc, etc)....WOW I thought the store page was giving me the overall size of the INDIVIDUAL fans ultra mega face palm. That changes everything now! Still though @Tek_Elf I wouldn't mind checking out those affordable custom loops. I wouldn't mind a few options... plus those temps you mentioned look attractive.

Might be able to try the Raijientek Tisis. It can handle 350 Watt TDP. I decided to order one.

I'll whip up some stuff once I get home. I'm out of town tonight for a while.

Ok, so here's my personal watercooling story/why I think it's a valid option for you.

This is my computer:

Oh, shit, sorry... I accidentally clicked that from my porn folder... ahem..

This is actually my computer:

Sorry for the not-so-pretty presentation. I needed to get the photo somehow. Anyway, as you can see I have flexible tubing looped from a duel CD-ROM bay pump+reservoir combo that feeds to the GPU, to outside the case to a single 40x80mm radiator that's fed by two 40mm fans that were pre-built into the system (I actually hot-glued/duct-taped the radiator onto the case. There was no way to screw them on. But hey, this is an airtight seal), then back inside to the pump. Yes, my GPU stays between 35 and 45C on nothing but a single 40x80mm radiator. Don't ask me how, I don't know. I'll attach a picture of my temp monitor while running skyrim if you don't believe me :D

Anyway, this is the pump + resovoir combo I actually have in the picture:
I think I got it on sale one day, so shop around if $60 is a bit too much for you. But honestly, $60 for a combo made for custom loops is already cheap. I've ran that unit for.... nearly a year I think. No problems. Isn't loud, in fact I can't even hear it over my SEVEN CASE FANS oh wait I need to count the one I ghetto rigged to blow on my GPU's voltage regulators... EIGHT CASE FANS.

This is not the waterblock I use, but it's very similar.

If you're worried about it not fitting on your CPU mount, there's literally hundreds of options you can choose from on eBay with different mounting formats for the same price. I don't get people who pay $50-100 for a freaking waterblock. Like, just go to ebay...

Cheap yet big radiator:

I wouldn't worry TOO much about the quality of the radiator if I were you. Yes, technically there's a chance you might get really burned with a badly made product. But the one you see in my picture was... so cheap I don't even remember and it works fine. So if you don't mind gambling, get something like this. If you're scared it might be shit, drop more money on a well reviewed, name-brand radiator.

And now all you need to worry about is fittings and tubing, both of which are stupid cheap (unless you get compression fittings). The waterblock I have actually has built on compression fittings even though they didn't cost much more than the ones I linked (go me!). But all you need to get started is... ugh.. what are they called... the fittings where you just push the tubing over the nozzle... yeah those things. They cost like... $2.

Oh, right, and fans. Which I assume you may already have or, well, they don't cost much either unless you want some that are like... noise reduction or glow or something.

Get a Kraken X61 since their brand isn't known to leak like corsairs with their mass recalls/RMAs. You could also risk it and go h100.