Cool cases

Links to cool cases we’ve seen that we didn’t buy because we didn’t have a use for them. But someone else might have?

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ZhenLoong full tower
I mean, it’s pretty much a 4U case but vertically, buuut… you could put 9 DVD/Blueray readers in it. Maybe something for @wendell? I like the drive bays they sell too.


InWin PL689

I would have purchased that one, had I found it available anywhere in Germany.

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Cool cases? I nominate the inwin dubili. It looks slick.

I might have ordered one of those though :person_shrugging:.


In the SUPER small form factor, nothing beats the Velka 3:

… Except, possibly, the J-Hack Pure (out of print for now though):

Neither can fit an RX 6600, nor a 3060, but for the ultimate APU build they are awesome. Waiting for Strix Point now, might actually build in one, we’ll see :slight_smile:

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I’m a fan of the Jonsbo N*-cases. The N3 can fit 8 3.5 disks. Might get heating problem or be noisy though.


The idea of InWin Dublin is really cool. I’ll perhaps consider buying a 2nd or 3rd generation.

So many screws and only screws hold the case together. I worry they may come loose under vibration in a year or two. This anxiety may not be warranted.

The front plate could be engineered more artistic and functional. They should have kept and refined upon their iconic hexagonal ventilation holes. The current pattern looks like a low-effort copy of much cheaper DIYPC cases common from China.

I have a fractal define case right now. But I have a soft spot for inwin cases. They look very processional but futuristic enough to where they look like something you would see in the background on a metal gear solid game.

Lian Li V1000 and V1100

I dreamed of building my gaming computer to one of these cases but unfortunately I didn’t have any money and didn’t manage to convince my parents to buy me one of these cases. I was broke high school student when these cases were available. :confused:


I find it utterly annoying when they stop producing a good working case.


True, though not sure if the thermal performance on those cases is up to task anymore. Especially the V1100 (the one with solid door) had quite poor thermal performance if I remember right.

G500a for me. Pretty solid price that includes 4 14cm fans. I ordered the version without skeetled-fans. It’s not quiet, but not overly loud with the right fan curves.

I am going to try the CTE C700 by TT and see how it does. I like the 90 degree mobo mounting option.

I really like this Sliger case

Always had a soft spot for carry handle LAN machine cases. I don’t really have a use case for it but if someone was doing LAN parties and I was invited I would probably rock this case.


SilverStone CS380

Mid tower that can fit an ATX with 8x hot-swappable 3.5 or 2.5 SAS/SATA and 2x 5.25. It’s only 426.5mm (16.77") high so it don’t take that much space. The backplate comes with dual contacts for SAS so I assume it should be able to handle 12Gbit SAS.

I picked one of those up used, its my offsite case . pretty good build

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i used to have that, with a radiator built into the top. the first picture, and it was taller also.

Lian O11 Air Mini.

ATX motherboard, ATX psu, 6x ssd or 4x hdd and 2x ssd. 2x 140mm fans in the front and a 120mm fan in the back, with room for 6 more in top and bottom. Only 400x288x384mm (15.1x11.3x15.7 inches). Smaller server or if you have a server + file server setup.

They say it can take an E-ATX up to 280mm (11.02 inches) but I think you can convince it to take a full E-ATX or SSI-CEB.



SilverStone DS380 is pretty nifty too. Mini-ITX, 8x hot-swapable 3.5/2.5 disks, 4x 2.5 disks. 2x 120mm fan beside the drives, 1x 120mm fan in the back.



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I just got one of these, Its surprisingly well built and fits mini-DTX motherboards (yes they are still being produced) so you can have 2 PCIe cards in it.

There is also enough space to fit 2 5.25" bays in the front with some *minor tweaking.

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I kind of want one, but I already have three cases I don’t use here :stuck_out_tongue: It’s kind of sad too when even weird formats like thin mini-ITX and SSI CEB are more common than mini-DTX. (I like all formats, just sad.)

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