Console Hardware updates (PS4.5/4K and XBone.5)

So recently I've started hearing about the consoles getting a hardware updates.
It's kind of a surprise really. Consoles getting hardware updates kind of out of no where? But then it hit me. Who provides the APU's that power the consoles? AMD.
And AMD are releasing Zen sometime this year, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the that new console things are going to be running Zen APU's or some modified version of the technology. This is just my hunch so take it with a grain of salt. I don't even know that much about the whole thing, heck maybe this has already been confirmed.
I'm honestly not that interested personally. I've never been a huge console gamer, this just hit me and I thought I'd share to spark some sort of a discussion.

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I have heard only small hints of this, and I've really been out of the loop with console stuff. Are these full rehashed versions of the console, or is this some addon or internal equipment? Everything I have heard so far has sounded nothing short of absurd, but then again almost everything in console gaming in the last few years almost makes me develop an insta-bloodclot.

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did you think they would stop upgrading the consoles? anything to draw more people in to spend more money.


I didn't think they would stop, I just thought it would be another couple of years before they did anything.

Unless they provide free updated consoles to those who bought the "lesser" version I don't see this taking off. It would take a moron to make a game that would only work on updated consoles. So maybe first party developers would make something, but no one else would. The only advantage that they have left over PC is that you don't have to worry about whether your games are going to work or not.

But you do still have to worry about whether or not they will run WELL or look good at all. Which is sad considering that now it's become even more immediately noticeable that console is not cheaper than PC in any way, due to the ridiculous cost of console games. It's about 90 CAD for even most average non AAA titles....what!?!??!?!

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Yeah, but with the XBone they have DX which will mean they can make a game for both. I think the PS4.5 is being made so that you don't have to buy the external box for vr, so you don't need the second box if you want just one unit.
Otherwise I really have no idea, I was just throwing out the idea that they might be using the new Zen architecture in them.

If they really can "run" games at 4k, then Zen APU's must be something amazing. Keep in mind that running probably means 24 or 30 frames/second. I doubt it though

dont under estimate the power of advertisement... considering they have been selling under powered consoles for a generation at the price of a decent computer...

if they sell it with a 4K title, they will sell well just to make fun of PC. even though we know its not true 4K


From what I had heard they're doing upscaling from their current standard resolution (lol, 900p? Gross) to 4k. I don't know a ton about how upscaling works so perhaps that is good or bad, I can't really criticize without more info. The focus I though was for 4k media content, not games. But they will obviously ride the 4k hype without giving solid info, as that is more beneficial for shilling their hardware on the less informed

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4k media makes a little more sense but couldn't the current consoles handle 4k video anyway? I guess of they were updating the disk drives to blu-ray 4k readers it would make a little more sense?

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Not sure, this is where my knowledge of the situation ends. Figured I would throw my two cents in while I could, as this came up recently when talking with my friends who are more into the console races than I am. I actually didn't believe them at first, I had to get them to bring me to Wal-Mart to show me proof that they were charging that much for one game. It blew my mind.. At that point it's just flat out highway robbery.

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Yeah, games are expensive when you don't buy them on steam :/

Well it doesn't have to be steam, there are plenty of awesome online retailers (gog, gmg, steam, reddit can have some awesome software/game swap/trade, etc). Even though I have disliked a lot of what console oriented gaming has become and consoles in general, I used to still have a form of respect for people decision to buy and play console games. It's often because they love a game and the dev has locked it as an exclusive so you don't really get a choice, or perhaps you just want a good thing for the living room, or maybe you bought into the console is cheaper argument. But now, the living room argument is wrong(and has been for a long while), and I cannot even begin to understand how someone could pay that amount for what will simply be the next DLC ridden half baked installment of the series they once loved. And how on earth could you call it cheaper in ANY WAY AT ALL? At almost 100 bucks per game (CAD), having a very small collection of games is already approaching 1K. yeah, ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. I cant even..

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I know there are more online retailers but I wasn't going to list them out xD

Sorry yeah I suppose I could have just filled in the blanks lol. You never know though, even though I consider these sites common knowledge I have ran into a lot of people who have been very happy to be told about them. Always gotta spread the word!

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How many PS4 owners own a 4k TV or monitor? I hope that this rumor is just a rumor because it's so stupid to do this. I guess we'll have to wait for E3 and see.

Well, the only game on consoles I am looking forward to is KH3 and hopefully one more of those incremental games that will be on the Xbone. If they can manage to squeeze the xbox in a much smaller case then I would not mind purchasing it. They might have to keep the height because the cooler is reasonable for the xbone but they could always add in another fan to direct the airflow out of the case.
If they can manage to squeeze a more powerful GPU as well then good for them, another plus.
It seems kind of odd to hinder the consumer by deploying incremental updates to the physical hardware though. Consumers won't always take kindly to it.

Sure there are things like VR that is somewhat gaining popularity but having to purchase another system along with the PS4's VR headset package leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

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You don't need the 4.5 for vr I think. It just improves the experience or something. but yeah, incremental updates to hardware is probably a bitch for console gamers. I think if it is a move up to Zen or something along those lines they should just have these as the next gen.

Its not required but as other mentioned, its going to be marketed to the most recommended configuration and people will just eat it up.

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The old systems are likely still going be able to play their games just as well as they would if the ps4.5 never came out. So it shouldn't matter.
If it happens some people will just have to endure the unbearable feeling that someone out there is getting a better gaming experience then them. Just like when they lose an exclusive to pc.

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