COMPUTEX 2018 news and hardware

Let’s have one thread with all Computex 2018 news and new hardware unveils and debuts and stuff like that.
So if you find an interesting news or something, feel free to share it in here.

PS: also, while you are there @wendell you may take a look and jump in.

1. LianLi presents RGB cables.

Because RGB everything.

2. Asus enters the AIO market.
On the other hand ASUS have ascended the simple RGB and are giving us an entire LED display on the pump. Because we had such shortage of ASETEK units on the market.

Oh good lord. IS this event just gonna be more RGB rubbish?

I’m guessing they will have a high price tag when they hit retail.


Rgb news.

Go straight to hell


ROG smartphone

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No chairs yet? #sad

I’m so sick of ‘thin at the expense of battery life’ that I’d consider this thing just to get something better.

But still hoping Librem 5 does better.

Also hoping it does N64 on mobile… mmm… Mario 64 on lunch break…

Mupen64 in play store.

I just got the OP6, might trade it for the ROG just for curiosity.

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7 M.2 Slots.

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LOL, tons of crazy fast storage … gigabit LAN. :rofl:


lol didn’t even see that.

The article doesn’t say anything about that tho, and the image only says “Dual Intel LAN” so…

Yeah, they would be bragging about it if it were any faster than gigabit.
So dumb, just make it … like five M.2 and include a 10Gb NIC.
But I guess then it isn’t the most M.2…

Ah well, that’s true.

Then again, 10Gb NIC doesn’t cost the world so… I mean not everyone really needs it. And personally, I’d rather have it as an option then something that’s included and I wouldn’t/couldn’t use.

… he said while playing devils advocate for the mainboard with seven M.2 slots.


With all my systems, I don’t think I even have seven M.2 drives. xD

Woah woah, I didn’t say I need those :stuck_out_tongue:
But I know some people here will :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok can we get over the god damn RGB cancer already?

Also if your i9 is so shit that you need a nitrogen cooler to cool it thats just sad.


wont happen live with it

RAID 0 all of them.

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Hey, RGB sells. If it didn’t it wouldn’t exist.

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