Computer Science Lounge - [Too Many Idea Men Edition]

Well, you could always pay the new-framework-no-documentation fee on pytorch for the same functional experience.

Gonna need to learn R for core data stuff either way though.


what does pytorch do?

it's a torch distribution that interfaces with python instead of lua

I dont intend to just use a library though. I plan on writing everything myself.

good luck


I have a OReilly book Data Science from Scratch from Joel Grus. I think that is where I will start.


from scratch, you're definitely gonna need to learn R. (or fortran if you're insane/hate yourself)


the first chapter he explains you can do everything with Python.

I mean, you can, but that doesn't mean you should.

this isn't me being pretentious, this is my drawing from previous experience and hours of headaches in a python environment.

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Its just for learning, I want to go to a low level of abstraction. If I wanted performance I would use c++ or c with of course the best data structures.

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hey, fair enough.

Just wish I had more time, I also want to study multi threading and parallel algorithms.
I am studying discrete math currently so I can understand these more complicated algorithms for later on.

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Computer Engenieering student here. Sounds like a really cool idea :)

Lately i'm became more interested on how architectures works , more on the gpu side.

Anyone who is in a more advance level of either CS or CE knows on how math can relate with programming but also applied on hardware or anything related exists?

Are you wondering about any type of math like from linear to discrete?

Yeah more or less in that form.

I dont do much with hardware but I know if you deal with electrical stuff that involves advanced calculus with imaginary numbers. When you deal with logic it works very discretely so more inclined with discrete math and doing math proofs.

here is some math homework I have to do within the next few days for a good example of more math that will be needed with algorithms.

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Thanks for the information. I think i want to be more on the programming side of things. Maybe more on the algorithms used for a architecture or if there's any math related in that subject (correct me if i'm wrong) or also how to use programming for math calculations for certain applications.

Maybe i need to search a little bit more or research because i'm a little lost on that kind of things :s

In order to understand more complex algorithms they teach you math proofs so its a thing you cant really escape. If you want a simple hardware algorithm have you looked at cache replacement policies yet?

I think more later our teacher is going to teach us that kind of stuff. I haven't looked on that subject for that application.

what classes are you taking currently?