Community Question: RaspberryPi What do you do with it?

So many people on the internet use a Pi for something or another. What are the community members use a Pi for?

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I'm just using mine as a PiHole right now. At least until i can find a better use.

It works pretty well but doesn't work for YouTube ads or Hulu because they're coded as videos. I might set it up as a retro pi soon for classic Tetris.


could you describe this?

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You download it to you Pi and set your DNS in your router to the ip adress of the Pi and it filters out ads throughout your whole network for all devices.

Then you go to the login online, mine is and you can add/remove ad domains and see what all is blocked and when. Also gives you a ton of stats.

The list of filtered ads is updated pretty frequently and you can find online community lists to add as well.


Damn, I have to buy one of these things right now. This PiHole thing sounds great, does it work good?

I used my pi for torrenting, but since it's the first gen it got bogged down too much and became derpy. I just replaced it with an Atom based SBC, but I would like to use this pi as an access point or something(light controller for my room? idk). I would like to get a newer pi and do a DIY laptop.

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Very cool !

It works great no bandwidth issues either. Like I said the only downside is that it doesn't block YouTube ads and things like ads on a roku or fire stuck because they're injected as pre videos not technically ads.

Other than that works fine. Its got a nice kind of firewall action as well when you accidentally click on malware ads or download buttons it blocks it from ever opening.


A little programming can help with this... Tinker-time !

If you find a way let the world know it'd be great.

PiHole sounds great.

I have one raspberry pi running Octopi for my 3d printer, so i can drag and drop files over the network, and monitor the print using an old playstation camera.
Another i use for Retropie for some classic games/emulators.
I have a third I am open to suggestions for.


Torrentbox, SMB/DLNA, Mumble server and surveilance system with Motion. I get pics every time movement is detected directly on Telegram. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 2 slightly overclocked to 1GHz and ZRAM compression enabled. Works flawless.


I'm running double duty on my RPi3 with pihole and home assistant


Just got my first last week. Did the RetroPie emulator because the girlfriend wanted an NES Classic.


I have three

  1. Pi2 = DNS forwarding / caching & smokeping server
  2. Pi2 = DNS forwarding / caching & email server
  3. Pi3 = OwnCloud server (with storage on a separate FreeNAS)

I have mine stuck behind my TV, running Lakka for some enjoyable retro-gaming. I added a generic usb bluetooth dongle and paired my PS3 controllers. All 8-bit and 16-bit era consoles run great.

Also I tried OSMC and it works great since my TV and Pi talk to each other via HDMI-CEC, so you can control everything straight from the TV remote.


I have a gen 1 b+ collecting dust. I need to do something with it. Makes me feel guilty.


I have an idea, but I have no idea how to do it, so I haven't started yet.

You know how those Fast and Furious cars have tons of gauges?

I want to make some gauges with the RaspberryPi monitoring my audio equipment. I want a gauge in my car to read out decibels and another to read out how many watts my amp is pushing.


I use mine simply as a media center box (libreelec) connected to a 4tb external

Is there a way to do this or do you need a https proxy filter?

I installed pihole in a iohyve VM running debian netimage on my freenas, works well so far!