Community Question: RaspberryPi What do you do with it?

I am working on PI's that will do call recording, messaging and alerting for the all Vol. FD I am with. All 4 will do station alerting, activating a buzzer and lights throughout the station (maybe open a bay door if I am feeling ambitious). One at the primary station will record the tone and send it to all members cell phones, vital in an area at the edge of the county and has poor radio reception throughout.

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Are all these things like PiHole, Home Assistant or Media Center different applications that I can run at once on a Pi or are they different operating systems based on a linux distro from which I have to chose which one I want to run?

Is there an application where I can manage IP cameras with?

I have a PI 2B running deluge on a vpn, a PI 3 connected to an atrix lapdock as a laptop (this just werks). I also have a zero that I have not figured out what to do with yet.

One is waiting to be installed into a car for replaceing my headunit. The other is in my living room running Kodi. It was meant to drive a rear camera in my car but changed it for now.

I use my RPi2 as digital photobooth and my RPi3 as media (streaming) centre LibreELEC.

The more you use your RPis, the more you want to have :-D

I use a Pi 3 with a LAMP stack installed to host a wordpress and also splunk it and the router--- cause port forwarding those services make for some fun logs.

If I didn't have a Piper already, I'd be all over home-assistant, how do you like it @willrun4fun ?

@_hill, that sounds awesome, I would have figured it would be a bad bottle neck, but what an awesome use for a Pi!

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I'm just getting started but really
Ike it so far. Going to dig in deeper when I get some time and do some automations.

so no LAMP stack but a lamp stack, amirite? ;)

Where to start?? Home automation via Openhab, retro gaming with Retropie, Squeezebox client on a Pi zero with a HiFiberry Dac zero currently in the works and I've got one in one of these beauties for prototyping