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Community project may: kdenlive


Oh god I just looked. It’s only hogging one core for a CPU based effect. (Sharpen)

>1 is experimental :rofl:

Possibly closer to placebo


Yeah, that’s the frustrating bit. It seems like that field doesn’t do anything. :confused:


It primarily seems to pipe that value into ffmpeg for when trans/en/-coding etc is done.

I should take a closer look at the source code and see where else this value goes.


Yeah, it’d be nice if they were able to use it for the realtime rendering though. I know it might be odd, but hell, using a single thread for each frame, but rendering multiple frames at once (like how make does multicore) would be nice.

It’s not like we have to worry about realtime changes to the data.


@catsay I’m using windows kdenlive/krita on an Nvidia laptop 1050. I’ll be switching to linux in the next few weeks.


I loove Krita :heart_eyes_cat: :heart: :heart: :star2:

Sorry I know this is a Kdenlive thread, I’ll try to behave myself :grin:


I’ll try to behave myself to. Krita is bae.


Ok so currently Kdenlive seems like flaming trash to me.

Even really basic stuff is intermittently broken.

It has a severe lack of fine granular controls for rendering options. Everything deferred to command line.
it seems like it’s impossible to have GPU processing enabled in the settings and then get completed rendering jobs.

Some rendering Jobs get stuck at 99%. Issue seems to exist since 2015.

Setting threads in the export option has near 0 EFFECT. Thread allocation is based on a random number generator apparently.

My god. I wouldn’t recommend kdenlive to anyone at this point.

It’s got tons of features but all the critical bits required for real work are really inconsistent.

It’s totally usable to someone with a hacker/linux DIY mindset. But if I gave this to anyone that’s used Adobe Premiere, Premiere Elements, Sony Vegas, Final Cut or even HitFilm and Cyberlink stuff I’d look like a total asshat due to all the productivity breaking issues.


I’ve been editing little clips I haven’t got to effects yet
. Do you have anything I can test?


I propose a test challenge to everyone taking part in the testing project.

Create a simple video with anything you like. (Doesn’t need to make sense)

Add at least 3 clips.

Insert 2 text overlays / titles. 2 images & use at least 1 crop and 1 zoom effect.
Transitions are optional.
Render this video in source resolution (1080p for example) and rescaled 720p resolution.

Note all your issues along the way.


That’s the frustrating part to me.

It’s got SOOOO MUCH POTENTIAL that’s been hamstrung by their inability or unwillingness to chase down bugs.

That’s an excellent idea.

Additionally, we might consider including compositing of videos in there.


If only I was not in stuck with p3 and p4 machines. I would give this some time. Hope to see what can be done.


So I did a bit of testing but not enough and I didn’t find anything that I would call a bug. I think we may have set our sights quite high here for an opening test.

Did anyone find anything they would like to post as a bug so we can verify and raise it. This doesn’t end until the end of the month but a good time to come together and share what has been found.