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Community project may: kdenlive


This is a ggreat idea!
Kden needs some love


I would suggest using the blender open movie project footage.

Sintel, Big Buck Bunny, Cosmos Laundromat.
Its CC licensed and ideal for our purposes.

There are raw files available too. Will link later when I’m not on mobile.



Blender Cloud

(compressed video and blender source files)


Have a browse around in these two for TIFF frame files if you want to go crazy.

Tears of Steel

RED Camera Sample Footage

Alternative Sources for Free Videos (CC Licensed)


And first thing I noticed right off the bat:

GPU Effects enabled while Playing back video causes intermittent video playback corruption. It comes and goes, with the funky pattern fading in and out. Really strange issue.

This is with GPU playback enabled. So it may be a Radeon / VAAPI / Movit issue also.


Moving/resizing the Kdenlive window causes the corruption to go away…

Next silly bug:

If you are holding and dragging an adjustment slider you have to remain on the area of the slider while dragging to keep adjusting the gradient slider.


The slider should remain active ‘grabbed’ as long as you are holding the mouse down.
Try it for yourselves.


I’ve witnessed that graphics glitching in krita too… interesting.


Do you also use a Radeon Graphics Card?

I’m starting to suspect it’s a GPU Driver issue.


Nah I’m on Nvidia rn.


Next thing:

These Radio Buttons:


When I first add the effect both are active. Why?

If I click one they become ‘exclusive’ (only one active)


If I click the active one it gets disabled…


I can reactivate one but not the other again:


What is going on here? What does this Radio button even do???

It just seems to follow the active current slider?

It’s like this for all GPU effects.


Are you on the KDE plasma desktop perhaps?


So aside from that all the GPU effects seem to do fine. :smiley:
Even when stacked on top of each other, some multiple times. And still doing Live 1080p 60fps playback on my RX580.
Good Jerb


I don’t see that on Nvidia.

If moving the window fixes it, it’s most likely a compositor issue.


My suspicion too now.


I’ve encountered that with conky in the past on i3wm and amdgpu open source.


Its a DE / X11x problem. Go into Wayland and that literally never happens.


I’m getting that Ryzen based laptop, plus I have some intel machines… Would hardware make a big difference?


Eh, kdenlive doesn’t really know how to max out my 1700. I’d say “it helps but isn’t really the end-all”


Maybe thats something that we should work on too. High end optimizations are key. It shouldn’t take the same amount of time on my Xeon 1225V2 to render a 720P45 video as it does on my Mac Pro 1,1. Its kinda stupid.

Actually no it is stupid.


Is there a fix?
What terms does one even search for to find a relevant article/thread/post for this?

Hardware acceleration, screen corruption, x11, compositor, funny patterns. This falls way into vague search territory with loads of useless/unrelated results.


“Why is X11 fucking up my screen” is what I’ve googled. It does this for almost every app for me whenever it wants to. Thunar, anything rendering in Deepin, firefox, anything. It does what it wants.