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Community project may: kdenlive


Hello all, post in here any information you find on how to raise bugs, bugs themselves, logs, tips tricks and other bits.

Proxy clips should be used when possible.
Do not post links in here to copyright material like clip download links.

If you find a bug post your test method in here so others can verify it.

I will be testing in kde neon what will you test in?

Happy hunting.

Jumping off points (by @sgtawesomesauce)

About Bug Triaging
Bug Reporting Guidelines
What’s going on in kdenlive

The following package versions are required. Please be sure to update to them. If your distro doesn’t provide the latest version, you can build from source using this guide

Package Version
Kdenlive 18.04.0
MLT 6.6.0



Ill be testing on fedora 27 and windows 10 LTSB on my new laptop :smiley:

hopefully we can make a difference


I’m running Fedora, with MLT and kdenlive built from source, latest git for kdenlive, MLT is 6.6.0. KDE DE.


i also have a firepro GPU so i might be able todo testing on that end


It would also be useful nto see if there are existing bugs people can test and report more information to if there isn’t any or if there are patches for testing.


If people post “not enough details” or “cannot reproduce” bugs here, we have somewhere to start.

I’m in the middle of work at the moment, but I’ll spend a bit more time on this later today.


we need some video footage to test against and in different resolutions and bitrates.

maybe @wendell could hook us up?


I’ll shoot some stuff this friday when I get my camera in.

There’s also this:

I’m not sure what bitrates and whatnot are there, but it should be good enough for a start.


was thinking about having it the resolutions be at 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 4k.

for bitrates im not sure. maybe 1.5, 6, and 12

would just be nice to have a standardized test video to make bugs easier to replicate


Typically, you can expect ~24mbps from [email protected] from a camera. You should adjust accordingly for 2.8k and 4k.

Unless you wanted to compress the content.

Decent quality video takes up a lot of space


i was thinking compressed but you do make a point about having it be in a uncompressed form


I’ll post a stock footage arsenal at some point. Don’t expect it to be any good, but I’ve got a mirrorless that can shoot 4k30, so yeah.


should be plenty lol


Some people shoot 4k120 or even 8k60

They probably use resolve though.


i know how kdenlive struggles with 1080p sometimes lol. think 4k30 is enough for now XD


Yeah, I have very little issue with [email protected] on the 1700. I think it all boils down to hardware. You also have to treat it nicely.

Don’t be forceful, buy it flowers, take it out to dinner first rather than just smacking it around it.


Just an update: I experienced a new crash today and I’m reporting a bug. First time I’m reporting a bug within KDE. The bug report mechanism is extremely nice.


This is the existing bug list from their bug tracker. If you want to validate bugs go through the list. If you want to find new ones start editing and trying all of the features.
to build the 18.04 release


I’ll be testing kdenlive on an optimus enabled laptop with the latest verions of Windows 10. Should be fun.