Community Photo Assignments - May 2017


Every month, people like yourself will have the opportunity to train and challenge your eye with some photography. I will pick a prompt (usually a word or phrase provided from the community; something to theme an image) and you can go out there with your camera to see what you can capture with that phrase in mind!

May's theme is "MOTION." Interpret it as you wish! If people may not be able to figure out the connection between your photo and the theme, it might be a good idea to leave a one-to-two sentence description.


  • Please keep it to one photo. Spend time and effort picking your favorite.
  • Photos must be your own, and taken WITHIN the timeline of the challenge. No, you cannot use work you've previously shot.
  • Keep it SFW.
  • Use of something outside of a DSLR is allowed.
  • Do not provide criticism unless the artist asks for it.
  • Have fun. :slight_smile:

I personally share photos on Flickr and 500px - it is a decent resource for sharing photos that are capable of retaining some quality and sharing meta data. Make sure you read their ToS before committing to a platform. Speaking of which...

Legal jargon provided by forum overlords:

  • All submitted images are submitted with creative commons license, no commercial use outside of L1T without prior consent of the author, attribution mandatory; [this is in the site ToS already but just a reminder]
  • All submitted images come with the guarantee of the submitting user that he owns all the rights to those images and is fully qualified to license those images as aforementioned;
  • The submitted images will not interfere with rights of third persons, meaning no people will be photographed without a model release permitting publication under the conditions set forth here;
  • In countries where applicable, the submitted images will not interfere with rights in res of third persons, meaning the rights of the image of objects belonging to persons in countries that protect the right to an image of those objects (e.g. France, but also some publicly accessible musea - in Anglo-American countries - for instance). The submitting user is liable for checking and/or clearing these rights prior to submitting;
  • The submitted images will not contain derogatory or offensive content in any way;
  • The submitted images will not contain private information of third persons, and will not contain data that could be abused, like for instance software keys, confidential technical data, etc;

April: "Yesterday"


I will enter this month. I promise.

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Can't wait to submit my long exposure of a road! /s


Same @Zavar. I can't wait.


HEY, I asked for a prompt -- no one delivered. :wink:

I have two ideas for this. And no. It's not long exposure roads.

I'll need a clear sky for one :slight_smile:

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I wanna capture lightning.

But I don't got a good enough camera D:

What do you have?

Remember, The best camera is the one you have with you.
So use what you got, have a look at what pros make with even utter garbage gear :wink:

The flash they gave him is particularly amazing


heres a "motion" pic , time is always moving , or is it standing still ? no one knows :stuck_out_tongue:

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Its a kinda old cheap camera, that I got back in the day just to try photography out.

Its a Finepix A170

Its supposed to not thunder this week. So I'm still waiting to take my shot.

Just checking in - how is everyone doing so far? Got their concepts in mind? Or gone out shooting yet?

I've got some interesting shots planned for this weekend. But not quite sure yet about my concept. That'll happen then when I'm there :slight_smile:

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@hutchison15 Why did I not know this existed? This is amazing!

Also: Are picture assemblys allowed? Like overlay several takes of the same photo in software because of the exposure time limit.

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I'm pretty sure long exposure frame stacking is allowed.

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Doing alright. Not going to be able to get out until this weekend, so we'll see how that goes.

Sure! Stacking is allowed. :slight_smile:

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You got until the end of the month -- so no rush! Just probably time to start thinking about what you want to capture.

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I know exactly what I want to capture. I will probably need a day or so to find the proper setting for it though.