Community Multiplayer Game Ideas

We need like a game where everyone here can play perhaps on a server. I wouldn't mind getting the old Halo Combat evolved out (yes the first one).. love that game. Basically something that anyone can pick up and play and just have some fun.. mostly stress free. ;p

Or.. Quake 3 lol...


I would be willing to host said server (if it has a dedicated server). I have an AMD quad core laying around doing jack. I was using it for tekkit but none of my friends want to play anymore.

Also, I have a dedicated teamspeak ready to go too.


Star Wars battlefront 2


Any COD game


Halo. I'm bad at halo.... I'm going to get PWND.


I think we should try to keep it f2p or something very common that almost everyone has.

MW online?
Counter strike nexon: Zombies? (or regular ol CS)
I'm not opposed to halo. Though I have no idea how many people have it or how well it runs on current hardware.

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Factorio FTW

Shogun Total War, I think the max players is like 6 or something though.

The only problem with SWBII is that the programs like gameranger that keep servers up are trash.

Everyone that I tried to use recently were unusable.

Quake live is free to play.. Halo is cheap.. oops wrong but but might be better off running custom server lol.. the pros are very good.. Which is why I vote for halo ce.


Have to do a few things for that but I would be excellent cannon fodder.
Also anything on Half Life 2 basis should work fine.

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I believe @FaunCB was going to set up a squad server.

Idont Know how far that went. Squad looks pretty good tho. I've never tried it, so I have no idea how easy it is to get accustomed to.

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Age of Empires II, 8 players lobby

Happy to show any one the ropes on 7 Days to Die. I have already helped a bunch of people out, so my supplies are very low. Also, time is super limited these days. I am sure no one else here can relate to that.

Uhm, piratebay? You serious?

Also QIIIA is not free as far as I know. The engine is open source and Quake Live is F2P.

That's what I thought I too.. but it's only available on steam now.. and that's not the original quake. You can't host servers on quake live.

Removed. Anywho Quake champions is coming soon and that's free to play.

I think it'll be OK since there's no way to purchase it legally anywhere.

I bought a key on kinguin and put that into GOG. That should still work.

... wait, I might remember that wrong. Let me check.

Nope, got it on steam but the key is from kinguin.
The first Quake was the one I bought on GOG.

I'm installing Halo Ce now ;p

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lol Halo CE, I remember playing that in my Informatics class in high school, everyone was hurrying to finish fast with their boring HTML task so the teacher would let us play some for the time we had left, so much fun :D

Are there any halo ce servers left or you need to make your own? long time since I last played

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