Community Game Night

EDIT: To sign up for the 25th, go to the following link and fill out the form.

EDIT 2: Do not fill out the form now. We are gaming! Just check out the stream here:

Hi, I would like to set up some sort of community game night every couple of weeks on the mumble server.  Is there interest in something like this?  What times would you like to have it occur.  What games would you like to play?

Possible Games

  • Tribes Ascend - f2p
  • Minecraft - $27
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - $15
  • Nexuiz - $10
  • UT3 - $20
  • Garry's Mod (TTT) - $10
  • TF2 - f2p
  • Half Life 2 DM - $5
  • Hidden: Source - free
  • Warsow - free
  • Serious Sam Classic: The First/Second Encounter - $5
  • Zombie Grinder - f2p
  • CS:GO - $15

Minecraft, Garry's Mod, TF2, and Half Life DM are all cool with me.

I'd play some Tribes Ascend or Chivalry. Weekends would probably be better for everyone as far as the time goes.

I'm thinking that we could do something on the 25th of May at around 2 GMT/ 7 EST.

That would work.

ooh, kerbal maybez, although it is single player.....

I would love to play some Chivalry this weekend but I will be out of town. Maybe every Friday and Saturday Night we can get the Steam community back in action and host events.

chivalry would be cool, maybe tf2

killing floor is great, but most servers are limited to 6 players, though i've seen servers with more (so many mods on those servers that i never actually got on one)

i'll most likely be out of town this weekend, but i like the idea


Maybe some CS GO action up in here?

Logan, will thou join us? :D

Hopefully, but that's mainly up to him and his schedule.

Just added a sign up form for the 25th.  Posting for the bump.

i'm in

I'm in. If were gonna do this I think we should play tf2; we probably all have tf2

I'm In

Games I played: hidden:source, CS:GO, ut3 or ut2k4 , tf2,tribes

No Planetside 2?  That's a shame...

Well, I would come for Minecraft or Garry's Mod

Sorry to stress this, but make sure to fill out the form.

I'll be there in chat, maybe not gameplay. Hardware limitations...

I'm in + bump