Cinebench R15 cpu+overclocking score

i7 3740QM at stock (2.70 GHz)

I think it was starting to thermal throttle a bit, so I definitely need to figure out a better cooling solution one of these days.

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First Ryzen number nice. :)

Not bad for a system still running 8½ year old parts. Mac Pro 4,1 patched to 5,1.

I actually really like these things. The case alone is still one of the best looking ones I have ever seen and guess what, tons of air can flow through it when necessary. Take that, NZXT, Inwin, Fractal and whatever!

Today it is running the sapphire 580+ Nitro SE as main GPU and the memory was upgraded to 24GB 1333MHz a while ago. In this config it should be fine to make it at least to a decade.

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I am not really into overclocking so here are some lower scores for the parts. No screenshots since I needed to process the data in bulk. The scores below are the average of multiple runs.

raw data and summary thread.

FYI: Ryzen 7 1700 @ stock (3.0 Ghz) w/SMT=Off scored about 1k

The scores above are at 2400 Mhz RAM. I did a short retest 2666 Mhz but the score was the same, or within margin of error rather.

CineBench R15 is really sensitive to background tasks. Other benchmarks are not.

If anyone is getting low scores, try disabling background tasks/disconnecting from the net.

3.7ghz and ram at 2933

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i7 7820x @ 4.9ghz

i7 3770k at 4.7 Ghz/1.28 V (ran the test 6 times to get an average score… you can do the math :smile: )

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7600k at 5.3ghz core / 4.6ghz cache 1.46v (with a bit of overshoot due to LLC) on an Asrock z170 Gaming k6
Don’t mind CPU-Z saying the multiplier only goes to 50.

Nice score for an i5 :slight_smile:

r7 1700 @ 3.75ghz

Could easily push it more but I like it being quiet

That is actually outperforming my 1700X stock…

Weirdlly enough, that isnt the first time i heard and seen that.
Not sure what the actual deal is with the 1700X in particular…?

Mobile chips ok here?

I can tell you. When I push this thing it barely crosses 3,65GHz… I mean the thermals are fine, I’m not letting it go above 50 C, I thought it’s my board’s VRM heating up a bit too much…
Then I rendered a video to test some stuff with Vegas 14 - 70-85% isage and not more than 3,65GHz… Don’t know why… It just doesn’t go 100% and 3,8 at the same time…

Which motherboard is it?
If you run the cpu not overclocked and you put a load to it that utilizes all the cores.
Then the XFR doesnt do anything i guess?
3.7GHz is the starting speed.

Asrock B350 PRO4… The VRM heatsink goes so hot, I can’t hold my finger on it. I can barely touch it.

It’s base is 3,4 and it’s supposed to boost to 3,8, but I don’t pass 3,7… As for the XFR, I thought it was for a single core, not really all core all thread boost?

Yeah thats correct, i was mixing up with the 1800X numbers.
The XFR boost is only for 1 core indeed as far as i know.

Also i dont want to offend you or anything,
But that motherboard is kinda garbage yeah.
Not really suprising that its getting that hot.
Throttling could be verywell the reason why you cant get higher on it.

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Here’s the deal…

I know. My expectations were to grab 1200 or if I was lucky - 1600 at best. I found 1700X on crazy good sale. I just got it.
I know it’s a bad board. If I knew I would get Ryzen 7 I would have looked at X370, but I was really not planing an 8 core…
It’s fine though. I would rarely push it that hard, and it renders way way faster than expected, so I will not really punish the board. Still it’s having decent heatsinks. Those things are massive. And I have 6 case fans…

You are not. I know it’s a derpy combo… 80 Euro board with 250 Euro CPU…

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