Cinebench R15 cpu+overclocking score

I thought it would be cool to trow a new battle uphere.

Try to overclock the hell out of your cpu, and post a screen of your Cinebench R15 scores. And share your thoughts.


- Cinebench can be found here:

- CPU-Z can be found here:


- Your printscreen must be clear, No wierd censorship

- Your printscreen must be included CPU-Z so that we know your clock speeds.

- Your screen must be from your self, so don´t google for amazing fake scorings.

- Keep it cool, no flame wars.

Lets start the battle!


DemonX09´s Scoring Spreadsheet, to view results.

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i start first:

Scorings: FX8350 + Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0

  1. 766cb at 4.8ghz
  2. 720cb at 4.5ghz
  3. 644cb at 4.0ghz.

As you can see, i got an improvement from about 120cb. My next goal will be 780cb / 800cb target at 5.0 ghz.

Now its up to you guys: have fun!

Well damn. Fairly certain I have 4.5ghz stable will be back in a few lol. Can we get a screen shot of your ram timings as well? I've noticed that has an effect on cinebench.

timings where all the same 10-10-10-27. However, on the 4.5Ghz score, i only did a overclock bumping up the cpu ratio, to 22.5, ram was at 1600mhz. I was not able to get it higher then 4.5 with this method.

The 4.8 ghz overclock i did totaly diffrent, i did use the cpu bus ratio overclock, bumped that setting up from 200 to 240, and manualy set the cpu voltage to 1.45V. This all resulted in a 4.8ghz oc and a ram oc from 1600 to 1926mhz.

MY target is to push it even furter, but its to hot at the moment in the Netherlands, its 33c outside, and 37 inside. atm.

You try to tighten timings on ram with highest oc yet? If you haven't messed with those yet I will warn you. Stress testing ram takes some time if you don't want unexpected bsods lol.

link to screen shot, I guess I could crop it but sometimes that makes things look too tiny.

Nice score for 4.5ghz, you slightly beat me, need to fine tune still. but its to hot atm. ☺

thanks for the tip about the timings, i will see if i can tight them down. wenn its less hot 

If I had a motherboard that actually allowed for overclocking, then I would join in on this. Unfortunately, I require a socket 775 motherboard that supports the DDR3 RAM that I've already got and can overclock the locked-mulitplier Q6600 that I've got.

Rebooted, and of course got a higher score lol. Only thing I opened up was cinebench, made sure all unnecessary programs were closed.

funny thing that your cpu is listed as 3.5ghz? seems like a bug  in CB.

still very nice result. ☺

Happens in most software, which is why everybody wants cpu-z up. Might be able to hit 4.6 but I keep having to raise vccsa in order to maintain ram speeds. CPU voltage is already at 1.25 vccsa is at .998 and RAM is at 1.66. 

looks like you have won the lottery with your chip.

@ wiemerimer:

nice scorings. ☺

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Nice scoring aswell, seems like ram speed does not seem to effect rendering that much. maybe you could try to ramp it up to 4.8ghz.

Not sure how amd handles ram  but I always noticed an increase even with my non k when playing with ram. I also spend more time messing with clocks just for ram then most are willing to do. Most of the standard timings even for xmp are crap in my opinion. 

Temps are already in the high 50's during Cinebench run. I'm only using a Noctua NH-U14s, single fan config. I haven't tried to run 4.8 since taking off my Kraken X60 (I have AIO-phobia now). I'll try grabbing a second fan this morning to see if it can handle 4.8. 

You think it's that bad if the temps get up to 61C during a Cinebench run? Or is it really only going to hurt running that hot for long periods? I'm so paranoid with temps... 

yeah i will try messing arround with the ram timings, to see if this increases anything.

At the moment im back at stock speeds lol :( just tried 5.0Ghz, and ram at 2000mhz , but my board pooped out on me, lol. Booted allmost to windows but then my screen went black lol. wasn´t even able to get into the bios anymore haha

so i had to reset the complete bios lol.

my cpu jumped to 54 degrees during cinebench run at 4.8ghz. I got a Phanteks PH-TC14pe, but its tropical warm in the Netherlands atm.

During a cinebench run i dont think it will realy hurt, that 62 temp mark is still with a safe margin. for a cinbench run i dont think it can do any harm.

But for long periods of time, i would tune it back abit.

any prizes for lowest score?


4.3Ghz @ 1.17v . . . 

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